Campaign of the Month

Managed broadcast results in better sales and Christmas promo sell-out

By building a relationship with Adestra, Oxfam saw better sales as products flew off the shelf like never before.

Company name: Oxfam
Designed and developed by: Lizzie Williams

Campaign details

Subject line: FREE chocolate – ends 20 November 
Open: 18%
Click: 13% of opened


What data was used?

A list of Oxfam’s ‘Core Contacts’

Who was the campaign targeted at?

People who have previously shown interest in Oxfam Unwrapped, and those who support Oxfam as they might be interested in their Christmas campaign.



  • Encourage customers to purchase an ‘unwrapped gift’ within a specific time frame, thus leading to better sales.

What makes this a performing campaign?

Marketers at Oxfam had the ability and creativity to design a campaign which included a promotional product offer, but it did not have the resources to translate their graphic design into a successful email.

Aware of Adestra’s design and build capability, the team at Oxfam took advantage of our available resources, and kicked off a project for a series of “managed broadcasts”. They supplied their Photoshop campaign template and contact list. Our team then built it into a responsive email template, and set up the campaign to send through MessageFocus.

Thanks to extensive email marketing experience, we were able to work closely with Oxfam and offer advice on what would and wouldn’t work for their email campaign ideas. Oxfam provided Adestra with the finalised design, and we coded this to make it render beautifully across all devices.

The results

Oxfam were already happy for having such a productive relationship with Adestra, in terms of being able to design, test, and send successful email campaigns to a list of customers. However, Oxfam’s ‘unwrapped emails’ created so much desire that they sold out of the ‘free product offer’ on more than one occasion! 

Their close relationship with us also meant Oxfam were able to re-schedule their follow-up campaigns on the fly, and amend their upcoming emails in time to offer a new product for the ‘promotion offer’. This would ensure better sales continue to help this charitable organisation.

Both teams are already discussing how they’re going to top that next year.

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