Campaign of the Month

Post-purchase campaign forecast to bring additional £27K a year for Evans

In just one month since its launch, Evans Cycles’ post-purchase strategy has worked particularly well in encouraging repeat purchases from new customers.

Brand: Evans Cycles
Designed and developed by: Jack Dennison

Campaign details

Subject line: Thanks for shopping with us – have £6 off £30 spend
Open: 53%
Forecasted £27K additional annual revenue


Who is the campaign targeted at?

Customers who have recently made a purchase.


  • increase customer value
  • encourage repeat purchases

What makes this a performing campaign?

A simple ‘thank you for your order’ email is part of building a relationship with your customers. But when it’s coupled with an offer and a unique promo code, it can be a strong incentive for the new customers to purchase again within a short time frame.

This email has an attractive yet simple design, showcasing the product categories that the customer could explore to take advantage of the offer. The inclusion of a unique promo code to the email campaign not only creates a more tailored feel to the receiver but also assigns urgency with its expiration date.

The advantage for Evans Cycles in using promo codes, rather than sending a simple offer email, is two-fold:

  1. Unique promo codes are individual to customers who have received them, whereas a general discount code can be forwarded endlessly. Having confidence the offer will not go viral in turn means the offers can now be more generous.
  2. The Evans Cycles marketing team can track the order values associated with those particular customers and test that against other strategies

With a great use of visuals and friendly copy (e.g. “good choice by the way”), this email helps Evans Cycles achieve a genuine connection with their customers post-purchase, making the message immediately clear.

The Results

In the first month, this email has already achieved great results for Evans Cycles. The engagement has surpassed general retail email results, with the clear subject line attracting an open rate of 53%. Furthermore, the offer clearly proved enticing to the receivers – as 19% of them clicked-through and 2.4% converted.

This has been estimated to bring £27K worth of additional revenue for Evans Cycles, showing the potential and effectiveness of unique promo codes within your campaigns. Although this has been rolled out in one campaign at the moment, the possibilities are endless in combination with the suite of emails that are active.

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