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Pre-event email campaign helps River Street Events gather intelligence and drive ticket sales

By reacting to their clients’ behavior, River Street Events gathered data to help guide their marketing activity. Using a focused message and a simple design translated into great results for this pre-event email campaign.

Brand: BBC Good Food Bakes & Cakes Show (by River Street Events)
Developed by: Tobias Murdin & Charlotte Ashurst

Campaign details

Subject line:Let us know your thoughts…
Open: 25%
30.5% of total clicks to ‘Book tickets’ CTAs


Who is the campaign targeted at?

The email was sent to River Street Events clients who had not yet booked tickets for the BBC Good Food Bakes & Cakes Show.


  • Gather intelligence as to why they hadn’t purchased tickets yet
  • Help steer future communications for this show
  • Drive ticket sales


What makes this a performing campaign?

The BBC Good Food Bakes & Cakes Show is a relatively new show (running for the second time in 2015), capitalizing on the increasing interest in baking in recent years in the UK. As a new show that’s still being defined, River Street Events wanted to gather intelligence from their already-existing client database. In particular, they wanted to find out why some people hadn’t purchased tickets, and use that to influence their follow-up strategy.

The email focused on two main calls-to-action: ‘Complete the survey’ and ‘Book tickets’. The email design was simple, making the copy the star, and it used personalization to open the conversation with the clients. River Street Events used words like ‘exclusive offer’, ‘understand your thoughts’ and ‘4 quick questions’ to make the receiver feel valued.

The Results

This email campaign shows that a simple, focused approach can work very well. It had a higher-than-average open rate of 25%, but what really stood out is the response rate for the survey.

The Heatmap Report in MessageFocus showed that the part of the email that converted the most contacts was the survey link, attracting 66% of total clicks. This is remarkable as survey response rates are usually quite low.

Also, 30.5% of the total contacts who clicked-through from the email did so on the ‘Book Tickets’ calls-to-action throughout the email.

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