Campaign of the Month

SpinLife achieves 48% click-to-open rate for new customer onboarding campaign

This campaign achieved 25% higher open rates than regular emails.

Using Adestra’s Automation Program Builder and API integration, Revolutions Inc. created a timely and successful email campaign.

Brand: SpinLife
Agency: Revolutions Inc.
Revolutions Inc. develops and manages ten successful and rapidly growing retail websites. Our flagship website,, is the largest internet retailer of Durable Medical Equipment – including wheelchairs, scooters, lift chairs and other home medical equipment.
Designed and developed by: Courtney Skean

Campaign details

Subject line: Your Exclusive Deals from SpinLife
32% open rate
Clicks of opens: 48%


What data was used?

People who have signed up to be an exclusive SpinLife savings customer during the holiday period.


  • Encourage first-time customers to convert straight away

What makes this a performing campaign?

Revolutions Inc. knows that consumers are more likely to take advantage of an offer right after they sign up, as the brand is fresh in mind. So, when it came to driving conversions for SpinLife during the holiday period, they used Adestra’s Automation Program Builder to send a timely follow-up email with a 5% discount incentive.

The new customers are imported into the system via API on a regular basis to maximize the impact of the message by getting the timing right.

The campaign has a simple, yet effective mobile responsive email design with the incentive placed at the top for maximum exposure. The copy of the email sets expectations of what customers will receive, suggests ordering a free catalog as a secondary call-to-action and presents SpinLife’s unique selling points.

The Results

This is the first time Revolutions Inc. has been able to send automated emails triggered by customer sign-up and the impact on their email results has been immediately obvious. This campaign achieved 25% higher open rates than regular emails and a great 48% click-to-open rate, helping them drive more conversions for SpinLife. In fact, 42% of clicks were directed to claiming the offer and 16% to requesting a catalog.