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Subject line testing and Heatmap reporting indicate early success for a returning event

Running a subject line test and creating a clear call-to-action (CTA), meant a positive result for MRO’s up-and-coming event.

Company name: UBM Aviation
Designed and developed by: Ellie Stamouli

Campaign details

Subject line: The Airline E&M China & East Asia conference returns to HKG next March
Open: 13%
Click: 18% of opened


What data was used?

A database of automated imports from Wyvern.

Who was the campaign targeted at?

MRO’s contacts who work within commercial aviation engineering and maintenance, specifically in HKG, or those allied to the field.


  • Gain awareness and registrations for a future event which has been previously successful, bringing a new range of opportunities.

What makes this a performing campaign?

UBM Aviation wondered if experimenting with their subject line and using a clear CTA would result in a high uptake of early prospects for the coming event.

They tried two different subject lines, focusing on the ‘event making a return’ to HKG.

A: The Airline E&M China & East Asia conference returns to HKG next March
B: Invitation to Hong Kong – Airline E&M China & East Asia Conference

Adestra’s easy-to-use split testing and heat map reporting platforms provided UBM insight into what would entice their clients to open, and where their interest lies on the page.

The results

UBM Aviation used Adestra’s split-testing functionality. They ran an initial test to 10% of their client database: 5% received subject line A and 5% received subject line B. Results showed that by emphasizing ‘the return of event’ (Subject line A), UBM Aviation created more interest and a higher click-through-rate than by communicating a general invitation (Subject line B).

After split-testing their message and incorporating a clear CTA, UBM Aviation had an open rate of 13%. This is a very encouraging result for an event scheduled for two months away. Adestra’s heat map report also revealed UBM Aviation’s subscribers were engaged in just the right way. Of those who clicked through, 53% navigated to the ‘Agenda tab’, while 18% went to ‘Register Now’, providing an early indication that this will be a successful event.

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