Campaign of the Month

Whittard exceeds sales target by 28% using animation and testing in email

The overall campaign generated 23% more clicks, 34% more conversions and 28% more sales.

In this limited-edition Easter launch, Whittard showed excellent knowledge of what it takes to optimize the email channel, resulting in fantastic overall results.

Brand: Whittard

Agency: more2

more2 is a specialist multi-channel retail agency and consultancy with a passion for growing retail businesses.
Designed and developed by: Glenn Thorpe


Campaign details

Subject line: Did someone say Black Forest Gâteau?
Opens: 22%
Exceeded sales target by 28%


What data was used?

General newsletter subscribers.


  • Promote launch of a new product

What makes this a performing campaign?

New product launches are exciting and nerve-wracking events at the same time, so it’s imperative to use each marketing channel effectively to generate interest and sales. The pressure was even higher for Whittard as they launched a limited edition Black Forest Gâteau hot chocolate specifically for Easter, so the team had the added pressure of a small window of time in which to make the launch successful.

To make the email announcing the launch stand out, Whittard split-tested two types of campaign creative, demonstrating a high level of strategic thought. The first variant was an intriguing postcard-style creative using an animated GIF as the hero image, while the second was a longer version with more product detail offered directly in the campaign. Taking design rendering into account, Whittard tested and optimized the animated variant, making sure the static image that was displayed in emails clients such as Outlook (which doesn’t support animation) still conveyed the key message of the product launch. Clicking on the hero image would take the subscriber directly to the Black Forest Gâteau hot chocolate landing page with the option to add the product to the basket, thus nudging potential customers towards making a purchase.

To make the customer journey consistent, the email creative was part of a cohesive visual strategy utilizing the same artwork across owned digital channels, social media and in-store promotions.

The Results

By carefully planning their email approach and leveraging their understanding of email design, this Easter campaign exceeded Whittard’s expectations on all email success metrics. It achieved a 31% higher open rate than the target, which had a knock-on effect on engagement and conversions. The overall campaign generated 23% more clicks, 34% more conversions and 28% more sales than their original targets.

In terms of the two creative approaches, the shorter postcard style outperformed the longer version attracting 28% more clicks, which further translated into a 20% increase in conversions.

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