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Adopting a different email content approach results in fantastic engagement

Despite a significant 180,000 signatures on a petition to prevent the opening of a new Tiger Temple in Thailand, building works were going ahead. To increase momentum to prevent the temple from opening, the charity asked their supporters to spread the word in a great illustration of how email and social media can be successful together. 


Brand: World Animal Protection
Designed and developed by: John Walters

Campaign details

Subject line: Tigers still need you
Opens: 58%
Shares: 33% of opens


Who is the campaign targeted at?

Supporters of the charity who have signed a specific petition and are highly engaged with the World Animal Protection (WAP) emails.


  • Generate word-of-mouth via email to bring awareness to the wider public about animal cruelty in Thailand and stop a new Tiger Temple from opening

What makes this a performing campaign?

This campaign is part of a series of supporter journey emails that follow up with those who have signed the Tiger Temple petition. For over a year, WAP has been investigating the terrible conditions tigers are subjected to in tourist attractions in Thailand. However, this latest update brings to light that the building works on a new such venue (called a Tiger Temple) are going ahead, so WAP is in a crucial position to stop the company behind it from getting a license.To stress the gravity of the situation, the charity has used a simple email layout with a visual reminder at the top and vivid descriptions of what they are trying to prevent: ‘dead tiger cubs were found in freezers and glass jars’ and ‘tigers would be subjected to awful cruelty day in, day out’.

This clean approach makes the call-to-action stand out, appealing to the engaged audience to help WAP create awareness and generate word-of-mouth.

The Results

This campaign shows the true value of communicating to an engaged audience, with a remarkable 58% open rate. What’s more, the fact that 33% of those who opened the email shared the petition on social media is a testimony of the support of WAP subscribers.

Over the period of time that the campaign was sent, 4,683 additional petitions were signed from Facebook with an incredible conversion rate of 81.44%, showing the power of word-of-mouth in supporting the cause.

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