Email Strategies for Success

Use this study to take your marketing program to the next level.

Getting the best out of your email marketing

Marketers need to choose email programs based on the overall strategy of what they want to accomplish. It can be a huge challenge, but our new study will show you what’s working for your fellow marketers and what’s not – information that we hope you can use to focus your thinking and organize your planning.

Our Email Strategies for Success study went out to 85 marketers, both B2C and B2B. We wanted to know the everyday challenges that they’re facing and the exciting things that they’re doing in email, to give you a better understanding of where you should align your efforts.

Should better personalization or segmenting be your main priority? Is mobile-responsive email making a difference? Use this study to start ranking the order of what you need to work on to take your marketing program to the next level.


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