2017 Consumer Digital Usage & Behavior Study

Email continues its rule as the preferred channel from Teens to Baby Boomers!

How well do you really know your consumers? Sure, we know how they behave on our digital channels thanks to rich analytics, but when they’re not shopping with you do we really understand how they consume information?

In our second year of this report, we return to the conversation with new data and insights into how consumers interact with, and think about, the email messages they receive. This year, we also asked in-depth questions around how consumers think about privacy and security.

We asked 1,200 consumers, from teens to Baby Boomers, living all over the United States. You’ll see the details behind:

  • 47% of consumers (across all demos) have a separate email address that they use exclusively for emails they don’t intend to open
  • 59% of consumers leave an email unread if they plan to read it later, 33% flag it
  • When registering for a mobile app, 83% of consumers use their email address instead of their social media accounts
  • Last year, we learned that teens and millennials prefer email, see if that held true this year

Their answers – and our analysis and advice – are here in this report for you.

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