Generating and Nurturing Leads to Create Demand

How can marketers boost demand creation?

How can marketers boost demand creation?

We’re all aware that lead generation is an important goal to marketing and sales organizations, but how many organizations are considering the bigger picture? Getting leads in the funnel is certainly crucial but creating audience connections that nurture those leads to create demand should be high on the priority list as well. Knowing what’s valuable to your customers and delivering the right content for them through First-Person Marketing can get leads in the pipeline and develop relationships that yield higher conversion rates down the line.

Adestra in partnership with Ascend2 surveyed best-in-class marketing influencers to analyze how those industry leaders are creating strong connections, driving demand and turning those connections into lasting relationships. Dive in to our Generating and Nurturing Leads to Create Demand report and find out what tactics and strategies are working for your peers and what challenges they’re facing. Use their insights to strengthen your own lead generation and nurturing efforts to get not only more leads in the funnel, but higher conversion rates overall.

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