Opportunity Manager coaches sellers in real time to more effectively qualify, research the relationship landscape, collaborate with customers to develop solutions that address business challenges, and develop a competitive approach that delivers a win-win outcome.


Successful Opportunity Management helps you…


  • Uncover business problems
  • Find or develop a compelling event
  • Map the relationship or political landscape
  • Find unique business value and solution fit
  • Gain executive credibility and inside support
  • Develop a competitive strategy to win


62% of initial meetings do not progress to the next meeting resulting in a huge loss of productivity



Over two-thirds (67%) of buyers seek input from suppliers before they begin to evaluate solutions

Identify the Right Deals

A solid qualification process helps sellers validate if an opportunity is worth pursuing. Qualification helps map your capabilities to your customer’s requirements. The earlier you qualify out of deals you can’t win, the fewer resources are wasted.


Gain Executive Credibility

Identify key decision-makers and influencers, determining who is a supporter and who needs additional support. With the new ability to manage and track levels of relationship, you can sharpen your focus and attention on winning mindshare from the right people to improve your sales cycle. Integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to leverage rich account and contact information directly from your Relationship Map.

Align with the Customer on Their Business Problems

Help your sellers visually connect where your solutions can help solve customers’ business challenges. Intuitive insight boards help map the customer’s goals, pressures, initiatives, and obstacles in a visual way that makes it easy for buyers and sellers to collaborate on the solution.

With the ability to create notes as you uncover new insight, you can drag and drop new information as you verify the accuracy with your customer to help you develop a compelling story to achieve a win-win outcome.

Quickly Identify Potential Deal Risk

TeamView provides sales managers with a comprehensive overview of opportunities their sales teams are working to help quickly identify potential risks. Based on key opportunity plan signals, managers can advise on next-step actions in-line to help guide their team members to progress deals.

Quick View of Key Deal Information

The opportunity plan overview screen provides a quick view of the key deal information, with easy navigation to more detailed opportunity information.

Test and Improve (T&I) Opportunities with the Wider Revenue Team

Review your key opportunity plans with your colleagues across the revenue team to identify possible blind spots, vulnerabilities, and advantages you could capitalize on. Bring a fresh perspective and a big picture look to see a clear winning path.

Increased Visibility of KPIs

New opportunity analytics increases visibility for sales leaders and sales operations into key performance indicators (KPIs) for sales velocity, deal size, win rate, and performance against targets and the positive impacts of following best practices. Opportunity Manager can be delivered out of the box with Salesforce Einstein or utilizing Tableau’s data visualization platform, with the capability to operate with other leading analytics solutions.