Relationship Map

Relationships matter. Relationship Map is a Salesforce-native application that increases win rates by helping salespeople build relationships with the right people.


Understand an Organization and its People

  • Visualize the relationships influencing your deals
  • See who you should be spending time with
  • Identify supporters and those who need dedicated focus
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Build Relationships with the People Who Matter

  • Visualize contacts, hierarchies, and relationships to identify decision-makers
  • Navigate the organization to win key support
  • Collaborate and coach sellers with insights and buyer-specific guidance
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Visualize Influence & Conflict

  • Visualize each organization’s unique politics
  • See who can help influence decisions
  • Anticipate and avert conflict before it happens
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Connect Key People with Their Priorities

  • Track attributes like political and support status, decision criteria, and coverage
  • Map goals, pressures, initiatives, and obstacles
  • Uncover insights to better position your solutions
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Import & Update Contacts with a Click

  • Bulk-import contacts directly from account records in Salesforce
  • Quickly create new contacts, actions, or insights
  • Change to reporting lines with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality
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