Relationship Map

Relationship Map is a Salesforce-native application that increases win rates by helping salespeople build relationships with the right people. Check out the video below to see the capability for yourself.


Why are Relationship Maps Important?

Building strategic relationships and navigating complex organizational politics isn’t just for elite salespeople anymore. Today, we can scale instinct with visualization tools and automated coaching that help every seller ask the right questions, take the right steps, and win over the right people.

Understand an Organization and its People

  • Visualize the relationships influencing your deals
  • See who you should be spending time with
  • Identify supporters and those who need dedicated focus
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Build Relationships with the People Who Matter

  • Visualize contacts, hierarchies, and relationships to identify decision-makers
  • Navigate the organization to win key support
  • Collaborate and coach sellers with insights and buyer-specific guidance
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Visualize Influence & Conflict

  • Visualize each organization’s unique politics
  • See who can help influence decisions
  • Anticipate and avert conflict before it happens
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Connect Key People with Their Priorities

  • Track attributes like political and support status, decision criteria, and coverage
  • Map goals, pressures, initiatives, and obstacles
  • Uncover insights to better position your solutions
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Create a Relationship Map with Ease

  • Import and update contacts with a click
  • Bulk-import contacts directly from account records in Salesforce
  • Quickly create new contacts, actions, or insights
  • Change to reporting lines with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality
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