See How We Empower the Next Generation of Sales Teams to Have the Greatest Impact on Their Customers

Upland Alitfy delivers deep muscle memory from a million sales engagements, knowledge of the world’s best sales methodologies, and the insights from your own business. We guide users on what to do next to progress a sale, to trigger the next action, to increase the seller’s knowledge, and to achieve increased sales results, every day.

Sales Process Manager

Sales Process Manager guides sellers to follow a structured, proven sales process that improves their ability to deliver a winning outcome for both the seller and the customer.

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Opportunity Manager

Opportunity Manager coaches sellers in real time to more effectively qualify, research the relationship landscape, collaborate with customers to develop solutions that address business challenges, and develop a competitive approach that delivers a win-win outcome.

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Account Manager

Account Manager enables salespeople to deepen their understanding of the buyer’s business pressures, goals and obstacles, uncovering hidden opportunities for mutual value. The solution maps the ‘whitespace’ and political landscape and then guides salespeople to create and win new business in their key accounts.

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Relationship Map

Our integration with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows sellers to leverage rich account and contact information directly from the Relationship Map. Sellers can view contact details, get prompts on related leads, and get in touch with contacts directly, all without leaving the context of the Opportunity and Account Management applications.

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We created a transformational sales platform to help you close more deals.