8 Tweets from Jeffrey Hayzlett About Selling to the C-Suite

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We must have done something right on the recent TAS Group webinar. We had 2,000 registrants! The speaker was Jeffrey Hayzlett, former CMO of Kodak (who we are proud to list as a Dealmaker customer) and author of The Mirror Test. The subject was How to Sell – and how not to sell – to the C-Suite. Combine the celebrity CMO who has Donal Trump on speed-dial (as part of Celebrity Apprentice), and the most pressing sales imperative of 2010, and you have the makings of a great webinar.

In his usual engaging style, Jeffrey brought some great wisdom to the assembled webinar attendees.

To set some context for you, the following was the introduction to the webinar.

“As budget control and decision-making continue to move higher up the buyer organization in the new economy, it’s even more critical to be able to successfully call on the CXO. But their time and attention span is even shorter than before, and if you don’t approach them at the right time, with a value proposition that addresses their current priorities, you’ll end up closing doors that you may never be able to open again. The stakes are higher than ever and you might only get one chance. You don’t want any of your sales people to blow it.

Jeffrey Hayzlett, former Kodak CMO and best-selling author of The Mirror Test, has decades of experience selling to the C-Suite, as well as being sold to in his previous Fortune 100 experience. Jeff will offer a unique insight into how you can confidently connect with the people that matter:


  • how to call on the CXO – approaches that work
  • how not to call on the CXO – avoiding the banana peels
  • replicating best practices for how to call high across your sales organization”

Jeffrey and his subject matter did not disappoint, so for those of you who missed the webinar, or who don’t have time to listen to the archive, here is a collection of his best advice tweeted during and after the webinar. Oh, and the last tweet is nothing to do with Selling to the C-Suite but it made me laugh so I left it in :-).

  • More than half of today’s webinar with Jeffrey Hayzlett are having more trouble reaching senior execs
  • Amen to this! Best piece of advice from webinar with Jeffrey Hayzlett – ANY msg to Sr. Execs MUST fit on blackberry screen
  • The new elevator pitch “118” – Want to know more? Listen to The TAS Group webinar
  • Hottest marketing topic today according to Jeffrey Hayzlett is social media. Tomorrow he thinks it will be mobile
  • If your contact doesn’t work the first time, try it again & AGAIN & AGAIN
  • C-suite’s executive assistant just like talking to the executive. Treat them with great respect
  • Real mail or package is a way to garner attention, since their so rare
  • Most business happens because there is some sort of relationship
  • Too Funny! Your company is TAS and my Ferret’s name is “TAZ” – pronounced the same LOL!

Do you have gems for shortening the path to the CXO door? Please share them with the readers.



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