Building The Right Foundation for Sales 2.0

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A recent comment on my blog by John Esposito, VP of sales at AMICAS, reminded me to write a post about his company’s successful implementation of a sales methodology last year.

I was delighted to present a brief case study at the recent Sales 2.0 Conference in Boston last month.

AMICAS had some very common sales-related business issues:

  • Inconsistent sales performance
  • Needed a common, manageable approach
  • Very competitive, complex, political deals
  • Ongoing qualification in dynamic customer environments
  • Tracking complex deals over a year or more
  • Minimal and ineffective opportunity planning
  • compliance critical

ES Research Group took AMICAS through a comprehensive and objective requirements assessment and guided them through a sales effectiveness provider vendor selection.

At the time of AMICAS’s evaluation, The TAS Group was the best fit among many sales training companies that responded to the RFP (which ESR wrote). Their methodology-based approach and Dealmaker Sales 2.0 application was the basis for an unusually short-term, measurable—and apparently sustainable—jump in sales performance. ESR monitored the methodology work, training, technology implementation, rollout and ongoing reinforcement. Bruce Ellis of the Bee Group, The TAS Group’s business partner responsible for all the delivery and account management, was exemplary.

John Esposito is the first to tell you how skeptical he was. Since AMICAS’s successful sales transformation, John is a believer.

Whether or not AMICAS decides to invest further in additional Sales 2.0 technologies or processes, the foundation has been built. They’ve gone about things in the right order and their results bear that out.

Here is the presentation I delivered at the Sales 2.0 Conference. There are live links on the last page if you are interested in learning more about the tools ESR has developed for sales training vendor selection.



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