Introducing Customer Revenue Optimization – Charting a course for the future of complex sales

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Einstein Quote

“Try not to become a man of success, but a man of value.”

– Albert Einstein

It’s an exciting day for Altify as we’re pleased to announce that we’ve been named as a pioneer and leader by Aragon Research in the new category of Customer Revenue Optimization (CRO). Customer Revenue Optimization represents the emergence of a new category beyond CRM that addresses the realities of complex B2B selling in today’s digital, information intensive and highly connected world. CRO is focused on putting the customer at the center and generating value in all interactions, while guiding sellers and replicating best practices at scale.

Sales teams have long been challenged with how to skill up the rest of the sales team to perform as well as the top sales rep. Great sales people have often been perceived as artists, but great artists and their art are rarely repeatable. CRO addresses this fundamental challenge by bringing automation to the sales process and application of methodology to deliver consistent outcomes.

According to the research report, Customer Revenue Optimization (CRO) – Automate Sales or Get Left Behind:

“Customer revenue optimization is the new way to guide sales people, and the extended team, through accounts and opportunities so that they don’t miss a critical part of a deal and then lose it altogether. It requires a strategic approach and a targeted account plan to identify the appropriate opportunities to deliver meaningful impact for the customer.”


CRO is not just about sales, it’s about activating the whole revenue team

One critical component that explains the rise of customer revenue optimization strategy is that it’s not just about sales – it’s about the whole revenue team. Enterprise selling in practice includes business development, marketing, technical sales and product specialists, services, distribution, legal, customer success and support. To build and execute on a strategy focused on customer value requires activating the entire team to surround the customer and generate value in every interaction. CRO enables the automation and consistent application of process and methodology so everyone speaks the same language, performs consistently and delivers on-going improvement. The research goes on to note:

“This guided selling approach is the new way forward for sales organizations and the entire extended team. It represents the next step in augmenting and automating the selling process versus depending on forms and analog implementation of a selling methodology.”


CRO is about building the next generation revenue leaders

Our aspiration is to help the world’s best sales organizations like Johnson Controls, Autodesk and Workday deliver more impact to their customers. CRO provides a new approach that combines strategy, methodology and technology to consistently align organizations, eliminate wasted cycles and replicate best practice across the whole organization. It’s about capturing and helping replicate the best in the art of strategic sales.

Customer Revenue Optimization is the next phase in the journey to help everyone on the revenue team deliver predictable revenue growth and a sustainable path to improve performance and deliver growth. That’s not to say there is still not some art involved, but in today’s world of complex B2B selling, it’s much more science than art.

“The greatest scientists are artists as well.”

– Albert Einstein

You can download a copy of the Aragon Research Report, Customer Revenue Optimization (CRO) – Automate Sales or Get Left Behind here. For more information on Customer Revenue Optimization, check out our 2019 Customer Revenue Optimization Benchmark report, or subscribe to our podcast.

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