It’s not always a good idea …

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It’s not always a good idea to do something just because you can. That’s what I had to think about when we first discussed setting up the Sales 2.0 Network (S20N). The world really has too many blogs already. But then, we got to thinking. What if we could combine the ideas of the the world’s thought leaders in sales effectiveness, those who care about making the sales person more productive, and who understand what selling is like in an Internet enabled Web 2.0 world.

So, we went out and asked sales professionals if they would find this useful and the answer was a resounding yes. Then we reached out to those folks who are regarded as thought leaders, and invited them to join with us in creating an independent, global, virtual meeting place where ideas could be shared and discussed.

This will live or die based on their contribution and your input – so for this to survive and really add value, we need you help. My commitment is that we will exercise editorial control to make sure it does not become a place for self-aggrandizement or company-promotion, and what I’d ask of you is that you participate actively.


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