Managing Opportunities from Qualification to Close

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Managing Opportunities from Qualification to Close – Blog Post

We recently conducted an informative webinar along with Altify client, Optum around what it takes to properly manage your sales opportunities and ultimately win more sales. If you missed the webinar, check it out here.

In the webinar, Optum Business Leader, Yevette Jaszczak gives us an inside look at how the healthcare company uses strategy, technology, and methodology to be successful.

The topic of sales opportunity management is incredibly important in today’s ever-changing world. Read on to discover how Optum increased win rates by 210% using the principles of Customer Revenue Optimization.

Put Customers at The Center of Your Business

The idea of a sales funnel is becoming less and less relevant as time goes on and is being replaced by the idea that customers are at the center of business. As opposed to customers being at the bottom of a funnel, start imagining your customers at the very center of your business to drive your sales initiatives.

In order to operate in a way that puts the customer at the center of your business, you have to first unify your entire revenue team on all processes. Everything your sales, marketing, and customer service teams do, should work in tandem to cater to the customer and their buying process. This requires a strong foundation from qualification to close.

Qualification to Close Foundation

The qualification to close foundation used by the Optum team has three components, the first being mindset. Specifically, having a mindset that is focused on the client. Understanding your prospective clients is the first step to creating an effective qualification process. Having a deeper understanding of the pressures and goals your clients face puts you in the strongest position from the start.

As an example, Yevette notes Optum’s client, a fleet operation, that had a goal of improving productivity. As a healthcare company, the productivity of their clients wasn’t necessarily top of mind for Optum. But by shifting their mindset to consider this clients’ goal, they were able to help them increase productivity through data analysis and the implementation of a program that would improve the health of their drivers, ultimately increasing their overall productivity. This is a great real-time example of putting the customer at the center of your business.

The next component of this foundation is skillset. This skillset component requires taking steps to fully understand exactly what skills sales teams need in order to be successful and then assessing whether or not they already possess those skills. Using the Altify methodology, sales teams are better equipped to evaluate sales opportunities that align with their skillsets.

The third and final component of this foundation is having a toolset. This toolset serves the purpose of organizing and housing all of your sales information in one place. It allows you to lay out all of your deal information and put it into a consumable format. This is so powerful and is the final piece of the foundation because it allows you to successfully move those deals forward. Combining each of the mindset, skillset and toolset components helped Optum to increase average deal size by 250%.

Watch our recent webinar to discover how Optum achieves these results in the healthcare industry by using Altify’s Opportunity Management.

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