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Sales Performance Manager from The TAS GroupIn his latest book “Winning Sales Performance Management”, Donal Daly, CEO of The TAS Group, describes the tough challenges facing frontline sales managers:

Frontline sales managers have the toughest job in sales. They are the last link between the company and the sales team’s interaction with the customer. For a company to be successful, the sales management function must perform. But sales managers are pulled in so many different directions, by so many people, it can be hard for them to spend the time to focus on effective sales performance management. Even if they have the time, it’s too hard to get the insights they need from the flood of data in Salesforce and the reports from their analytics systems.

I’ve spent the past 10 years marketing analytics solutions, and the challenge with all of them is that they provide data, but don’t have the knowledge and expertise to put the data in context or provide reasoning to help users improve the situation. At The TAS Group we believe that sales management expertise needs to be at the core of any sales analytics project. If you don’t have real sales expertise, domain knowledge, experience and a ‘nose’ for what’s right, then you can’t apply any human qualitative input – making it hard to connect the dots.

Today we announced the launch of Sales Performance Manager. Sales Performance Manager is the result of combining data and context with 30+ years of expert sales knowledge, creating a solution that provides frontline sales managers with the insights they need to answer critical questions they are confronted with on a daily basis:

  • What is the best cadence for managing my sales business?
  • How can I understand the sales performance KPIs in my business?
  • Can I reduce risk and avoid surprises to make my sales forecast?
  • Are there enough real deals in my pipeline? Where are the risks?
  • QBR: What happened to my forecast/pipeline last quarter?

David Brierley, VP Sales at Pyramid Analytics described the impact of Sales Performance Manager very elegantly:

Sometimes sales feels like a game of hide-and-seek, with teams scrambling to nail their forecasts and frustrated managers working with limited information.

What Sales Performance Manager does is make the whole pipeline transparent, so sales leaders are able to actually anticipate risks and opportunities and strategize around them, improving both customer experiences as well as revenue streams.

Watch the video of David’s interview for more insight into the way it has impacted on the performance of Pyramid Analytics’ sales team:

For more information about how Sales Performance Manager can empower your sales teams to success, visit our product page.

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