The Social Media Thing And Sales Effectiveness

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I’ve been using LinkedIn for years. Been writing about it on this blog and recommending it as well. I’ve introduced some out-of-work sales leaders to some of my contacts, done some informal research, got connected to old contacts. It’s a very useful tool for business.

During this past holiday, I decided to spend some time on Facebook and Twitter. I guess the phrase “some time” isn’t appropriate. Those apps can sure suck you in.

No question it’s fun playing with that stuff. But is it of business value? It certain is for many people. One example is a business writer here on Martha’s Vineyard. She’s on Twitter all the time. She gets a fair amount of work through Twitter. In fact, ESR might wind up using her services going forward. She made a great point to me on the phone last week. Yes, all our Twittering and email led to a real phone call! She said that she communicates with people about many aspects of her life and makes a lot of business connections that way. She found me on Twitter because we both live on Martha’s Vineyard. Proves the point.

Facebook is another story. I have been connecting with old friends, family, and some business associates. Making some new “friends” as well. But I really don’t feel comfortable being friends with everyone. Too much personal stuff, I think. Do my clients really want to see photos of my grandkids and my dogs?

The other thing is that I don’t believe there are too many of the people that ESR sells to on Twitter or Facebook. Lots and lots of marketing people. Sales leaders? I’m not so sure. Thats just my impression so far. If that turns out to be the case, I’ll be spending less time there.

I’ve got a very busy month coming up, so I’ll begin to see how time versus business return really works out. I’ll keep you posted…

By the way, if your sales people are using Twitter and Facebook, or any of the other “hot” social media app, for business purposes let us know. I’d like to learn more about how.

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