MAX, we are ready for you now …

Infused with 30+ years sales knowledge, Max is the catalyst for dramatic sales acceleration. Through real-time coaching and notifications, sellers and..

Sometimes we are not comfortable going first. There are often good reasons for that. It’s a leap into the unknown that catapults us out of the familiar. It is not obvious where the personal or commercial advantage is to be found. But that’s not a good enough reason not to jump.

Change occurs when the threshold of risk is overcome by passion or dissatisfaction, or the promise of the spectacular. Altify Max was born out of a passion to improve the performance of sales professionals – in fact all knowledge workers – and developed by constantly poking at Why is this not possible?

We have stepped over the threshold and we think we are bringing you something spectacular.

Imagine having deep muscle memory from a million sales engagements, knowledge of the world’s best sales methodologies, and the insights from your own business, all coming together to guide what to do next to progress a sale, to trigger the next action, to increase the seller’s knowledge and achieve increased sales results, every day.


Now you don’t have to imagine.

Altify Max is the world’s first Augmented Intelligence Platform for Sales. Infused with 30+ years sales knowledge, Max is the catalyst for dramatic sales acceleration. Through real-time coaching and notifications, sellers and managers become more proficient, and more engaged; increasing sales productivity and sales results.

All knowledge workers can benefit from a little AI – Augmented Intelligence. That’s what Altify Max brings to the whole Altify Platform.

When Joe is working a sales opportunity, Max monitors the critical data and events in the deal. When something of importance happens, Max assesses the impact, notifies Joe of the need to act, and prescribes the action John should take to progress the opportunity.


As Laura the Sales Manager is busy managing her sales team, Max is keeping an eye on her sales forecast, her pipeline and her team’s key deals. Max notifies her to schedule a deal review for an important deal to keep it on track, or points out when her forecast is at risk and recommends corrective action.


When Ken in Sales Operations, informed by Max reporting, sees opportunities to improve the teams’ performance, he can enhance the knowledge in Max to provide smarter guidance to the sales team to proactively and consistently get better results.



Data is now the world’s most available natural resource. It has the potential to transform the lives of knowledge workers in all industries and professions, but only if we can derive the right signals from the data and understand what they mean – in the context of the task at hand.

Altify Max filters the data for the important indicators – called Insight Signals – and interprets what the signals mean in the business of sales.

We believe that smart systems need to leverage Insight Signals (the key indicators from the pertinent data) and a foundation of knowledge specific to the domain, and they first need to be informed by experts and then enhanced through experiential learning. In the sales domain, examples of Insight Signals are: the history you have with a customer, a recent change in deal value, the number of people in the customer’s buying team who are in favor of your company, the competitive strength of your product, etc.

Combining sales knowledge with these Insight Signals can highlight vulnerabilities in a sale and provide intelligent coaching on how to approach the situation.

With Altify Max for Sales, 30 years of expert sales knowledge is built into the platform. And you can enhance the base of knowledge that comes built in, and augment the knowledge and business insights with unique knowledge and insights to your own business. And we make it easy to deliver those insights to your sales team, sales management and sales leadership by notifications in either email or Chatter.

Altify Max comes preloaded with libraries of Insight Signals that highlight events that matter in a sales opportunity or your overall sales business, hypotheses for sales scenarios, and prescribed sales coaching and guidance. You can modify the standard libraries or add your own Insight Signals, scenarios and coaching.

Altify Max is the first cloud platform that enables domain experts and knowledge workers to define Insight Signals from the new natural resource of data, so that with applied knowledge, it can be turned into competitive advantage and business value.

Here’s how it works

The word “platform” is important. Much more than simply a faster and cheaper way to enable knowledge workers to more effectively perform, the Altify Max platform is a new model for creating and distributing augmented intelligence, and it is built in the cloud, native on the Salesforce platform.

how it works

With any data in Salesforce, you can define a Knowledge Domain. Built on that are Insight signals – your data enriched, and refined, to uncover the data that matters. On top of that is the Insight Library that responds to changes in the Insight Signals and takes the appropriate action.

what happens

Cloud platforms provide an open environment for collaboration and rapid scaling. They expose capabilities from which partners and third parties across a broad ecosystem can create new, innovative augmented intelligence solutions with diverse smart data signals and relevant expertise.

overall platform

Our experience with smart systems —undertaking the deep science, learning what these systems can actually do, and working every day to apply these capabilities in the world—has taught us that augmented intelligence technology does not replace, but rather enhances, human capabilities.

Instead of “artificial” intelligence, the real-world work of business is intelligence augmentation.

And its benefits for knowledge workers will be extraordinary.