Why is 78% of Sales Rep Time Spent on Non-Selling Activities?

Learn what to do about it.

In this interview, Glenn Davis Sr. Vice President of Growth Execution and Client Retention at Optum, part of UnitedHealth Group, discusses with host Patrick Morrissey the state of sales professionalism today. He points out sales reps spend only 22% of their time with the prospect/customer and what to do about it. He questions and answers why the level of sales professionalism seems to be dropping with both sales reps and managers. In addition, they discuss:

  • How technology is affecting selling
  • How to engage with the prospects
  • Why there seems to be so little sales training
  • Why there seems to be a loss in the art and discipline of selling
  • What’s happened to questioning skills?
  • How to stay on top of the changing nature of sales

About Glenn Davis

Glenn Davis is a Senior Executive with extensive and successful experience in all areas of growth and growth leadership. He has an impressive track record leading and developing growth teams with extensive experience in sales, large client development and growth operations. His teams have been transformative forces driving profound results using client focus and high accountability as key drivers of achievement.

November 14, 2018