Scaling your Enterprise Sales Organisation

One of the key barriers to consistent business growth is an organisation’s ability to successfully scale an enterprise sales team. In this chat with Richard Scheig, Global Head of Sales, Revenue Optimization BU at Upland Software we break down the keys to doing just that. Listen in to find out the 5 step process he uses to successfully onboard and empower his enterprise sellers. We also discuss why having a great product offering is key to Account Executive retention and how Upland Software is responding to the challenges of Covid-19.

About Sean’s guest:

Richard serves as Global Head of Sales in the Revenue Optimization BU at Upland Software. He draws from over two decades of MarTech Enterprise and SaaS experience to lead the business unit sales organisation. Richard ’s laser focus on the customer experience and passion for relationship-building contributed to the success of MarketSoft, Unica, IBM, BombBomb, and more. When he’s not closing deals Richard is rafting, fishing, or skiing with his wife and two boys.

April 3, 2020

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