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Altify Winter ‘17 Release Brings AI to Enterprise B2B Sales

Altify Max Augmented Intelligence Platform Builds on Embedded Sales Methodology and Account Manager Streamlined Within Salesforce Lightning

Altify Max Augmented Intelligence Platform Builds on Embedded Sales Methodology and Account Manager Streamlined Within Salesforce Lightning

Dublin and Seattle — Sep 19, 2016 — Altify, the global leader in sales transformation, today announced Altify Winter 17, the latest release of its enterprise B2B sales platform, now enriched with the augmented intelligence capabilities of Altify Max. Max amplifies Altify’s proven sales methodologies by notifying sales professionals of the next best action to progress a sale. Max also provides Altify customers and partners with the ability to extend the methodology to their own business or industry. Other new capabilities include streamlined account planning and management using the Salesforce Lightning user interface. Account Manager surfaces the key information on a target account’s key people and business problems, to enable sellers to make more strategic account planning decisions, saving time and enabling salespeople to maximize revenue from their key accounts. Altify Winter 17 includes over 100 new features, improving the sales performance of Altify customers. Upgraded modules include: Account Manager, Opportunity Manager, Relationship Maps and Conversation Manager.

Today Altify also announced the publication of Tomorrow Today: How AI Impacts How We Work, Live, and Think (And It’s Not What You Expect) the latest book from Altify’s CEO, Donal Daly.

“We listen to our customers all the time, and what we hear is that life is increasingly challenging for enterprise sales teams, as customers are armed with more information than ever before. The feedback we have received from our early access customers for the Winter 17 release confirms that this is the very best release of the Altify platform that we have ever shipped – and Altify Max is at its heart,” said Donal Daly, CEO of Altify. “With Altify Max – the first augmented intelligence platform for sales, we are bringing the immense power of over 30 years experience to the sales person right on their phone. Winning sales professionals are constantly looking for ways they can do better. We have always embedded sales methodology and best practices in our applications, but now, leveraging recent advances in AI, Altify Max has become a personal sales coach who taps a salesperson on the shoulder and points out what they should do next to win the deal. Then salespeople use their own extensive experience to move the sale forward. This is a game-changer for enterprise sales and a major competitive advantage for our customers.”

“Altify Max is a really powerful extension of the benefits that we already get from the Altify Platform,” said Jeff Quade, chief sales officer, Global Experience Specialists. “The insights and built-in knowledge are what sets it apart from other approaches. When Max monitors everything for me and notifies the team with insights, they get better and I get more time to help them.”

How Altify Max Uses Augmented Intelligence to Take Salespeople to the Next Level

The Augmented Intelligence in Altify Max uses some traditional AI techniques, but extends the benefit by amplifying the sales knowledge in the system first, and then optimizing the human + machine equation, enabling sales professionals to apply their experience and expertise, augmented by the best practices and machine algorithms in Altify Max. Max incorporates experiences, learnings and knowledge from over 30 years’ methodology exposure and the observations of millions of sales interactions. It then provides notifications, advice and coaching with relevant background, and valuable, in-context recommendations, helping salespeople to drive deals forward.

Sample Altify Max Advice

To Sales Person: Advance Conversation With Decision Maker

At this stage in the Ancaster 200 Licenses deal, 43 days in, you need to access the Decision Maker. You are ‘Single Threaded’ with not enough buyer coverage, and you have not identified any of the buyer’s Decision Criteria. From the Insight Library, use the Insight Map for the customer’s industry (click here) to connect your solution to the business issues.

To Sales Manager: Sales Forecast Risk: Large deal ($450,000) needs attention.

Your sales forecast for the quarter has increased by $200,000 but the level of risk has increased. Joe Johnson’s Ancaster Engineering opportunity has increased from $250,000 to $450,000, but this is more than 3 times the average deal size for Joe Johnson. There are 62 days remaining in the quarter. That is 52% of their average sales cycle. The opportunity is at Requirements stage in the funnel. Access to the buyer looks weak. There is a good understanding of the business problem. No decision criteria have been identified. Click here to schedule a deal review with Joe Johnson.

In addition to Altify Max, the Altify Winter 17 release ships with over 100 upgraded or new capabilities. These include:

Account Manager:

  • Homepage: Account Manager’s new homepage offers a 360 degree overview of a plan. Salespeople can track progress, review objective areas, focus their time on customers that matter and what those customers are trying to achieve. This new page gives salespeople a universal command center from which to survey their plans. Reps can also check in on team activities through the integrated Chatter function.
  • Improved navigation: A modern drop down view allows users to stay focused on the tasks at hand and flows cleanly within the Lightning and Aloha interfaces.
  • Add Objectives from anywhere: The new Global Create button within your Account Plan allows you to create objectives from anywhere in your plan. As account managers are reading and reviewing their plans, they recognize highlighted vulnerabilities and can quickly create an objective ‘in flight’, avoiding context-switching.

Opportunity Manager:

  • Test and Improve: Test and improve is now accessible via mobile, so salespeople can collaborate seamlessly while in transit.

Relationship Maps:

  • Account Maps: Every contact in Account Maps now appears with relevant Insight Elements listed next to their contact information. These include goals, pressures, initiatives and obstacles specific to each person, which gives salespeople more background and context about their prospects the instant they make contact.

Altify Winter 17 is available to all customers from September 28, 2016.

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