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Bestselling Author and Altify Chairman Donal Daly Releases Book About Navigating Complex Customers in the Digital Age

Dreamforce Signing Event Unveils Book About How Technology Has Transformed Sales and How to Meet New Customer Needs

Dreamforce Signing Event Unveils Book About How Technology Has Transformed Sales and How to Meet New Customer Needs

Dublin, Ireland and San Jose, Calif. — Nov 2, 2017 — Altify, the enterprise sales methodology software company, today announced the availability of a new book–Digital Sales Transformation In a Customer First World by Altify executive chairman Donal Daly. The book provides insights from over 30 years of sales leadership and technology experience and offers actionable advice for creating deep and productive customer relationships, at a time when customer expectations have altered. Donal will be signing books and answering questions at a public event at Novela at 662 Mission St, in San Francisco on Nov. 6, 2017 at 7:00PM.

Donal has written about sales and technology since 1988, and his books Account Planning in Salesforce, and Tomorrow | Today: How AI Impacts How We Work, Live And Think, are consistently ranked among the best-selling business books. Digital Sales Transformation In a Customer First World addresses how to use technology in sales and how to sell to customers whose needs and expectations have changed in the digital age. The book outlines how to shift sales strategy to deliver greater customer value to grow revenue, counters common misconceptions about customer needs, and shows how good salespeople do more than communicate value; they also create it.

The foreword to Digital Sales Transformation In a Customer First World was written by Mike Rosenbaum, EVP CRM Apps, Salesforce, who wrote:

“The forward thinking companies that put customers first are setting a new standard that their competitors must compete with … Almost every company that I meet with wants to digitally transform but faces trade-offs. But I urge every single one of them – and you – to get started. Now. Today.”

Key Themes of Digital Sales Transformation in a Customer-First World

The best practices outlined in Daly’s book are rooted in years of Altify research and include themes such as:

  • How to measure the impact of the product on a customer’s business.
  • How to leverage technology to add more value for customers.
  • How to cope with changes in customer needs and sales expectations during and after digital transformation.
  • Strategies for diagnosing weak points in a sales organization based on symptoms of common challenges.
  • Steps for understanding which customers to target and designating resources effectively to minimize false starts.
  • Directions for creating intimate relationships with disparate customer contacts, and maintaining connections at scale.
  • How to structure sales and marketing tactics around individual customers.
  • The Role of AI in Enterprise Sales
  • Industry Praise for Digital Sales Transformation In a Customer-First World

“As we navigate in this complex new sales world, sellers must stay focused on the customer to be successful and truly transform sales. This book provides a blueprint and is one I recommend to anyone working in a sales or marketing organization.”
–Sanjay Poonen, COO, VMWare

“Digital Transformation is driving profound change in how customers engage. With the right balance of methodology, technology and a focus on the customer, Digital Sales Transformation in a Customer First World is the blueprint for salespeople to make their customers successful and outpace their competition.”
–Mark Roberge, Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School

“Most people just assume digital transformation is all about tech. I love that Donal sees what’s always been at the heart of transformational change – people. That sounds philosophical, but this book is actually more strategic and execution-oriented: a must-read for anyone in sales and post-sales leadership.”
–Nick Mehta, CEO, Gainsight

Digital Sales Transformation In a Customer-First World is available for purchase or download at Amazon here. Register for the book signing event on Monday November 6 here.

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