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The TAS Group Announces Dealmaker Align to Drive Customer Alignment

Stantive Technologies Group uses Align to connect solutions to customer problems

Stantive Technologies Group uses Align to connect solutions to customer problems

Seattle, WA — Jan 7, 2015 — The TAS Group, the global leaders in smart sales transformation, today announced general availability of its smart customer alignment platform: Dealmaker Align, on the Salesforce1 Customer Platform, and confirmed Stantive Technologies Group as one of its launch customers.

STANTIVE and its product OrchestraCMS helps businesses deal with the explosion of digital content by delivering more personal mobile and web experiences. “At STANTIVE, we collaborate with our globally-based customers every single day to help them engage in meaningful relationships with their employees, partners, and ultimately their own customers. Our sales team is laser focused on guiding prospects and customers towards a better understanding of the changing dynamics within markets so as to anticipate the needs of their stakeholders,” said Craig Sands, EVP Sales, Services and Marketing, “We are excited to deploy Dealmaker from The TAS Group as the foundation of our customer focused sales strategy. In particular Dealmaker Align provides a framework on which we collaborate with our customers to help identify business problems to which STANTIVE solutions can bring positive business outcomes.

In a world where everything is moving more quickly, and customers can often get most of the information they need about any product from the Internet, customers reward sales people who make the effort to understand their business, expand their understanding of their business problem, provide valuable insights into the business and the market and connect the buyer’s priorities to specific solutions.

According to Forrester Research, only 36% of executives believe that sales people understand their customers’ business problems, and as a consequence only one in four accept a follow-up sales call. A sales person’s credibility is his most valuable asset, hard earned and easily lost – and it is difficult for a sales person to be credible if they don’t understand their customer’s business. The TAS Group’s Dealmaker Align solution is the only ‘customer-first’ sales enablement tool that helps sales and marketing organizations to first understand the customer’s business landscape, their typical business goals, pressures and barriers or problems they have to overcome before recommending a solution.

“Having STANTIVE choose Dealmaker as the foundation of their smart sales transformation initiative is just tremendous. Like other elite sales organizations, STANTIVE is focused first and foremost on the value they can provide to their customers,” said Donal Daly, CEO of The TAS Group. “Using Dealmaker Align, STANTIVE effectively accelerates the business experience of their sales organizations, from on-boarding new sales hires through to new product introductions, enabling them to figure out how to best help their customers to succeed. This is a true win-win, good for STANTIVE and great for their customers. We are delighted to support their smart sales transformation journey.”

Dealmaker Align Key Features

Smart Customer Map: Enables product marketing or sales enablement to describe the customer’s typical business goals, pressures, initiatives and obstacles. Uses smart template maps or you can create your own.

Smart Sales Kit: Describes the buying personas and competitive landscape. Allows you to add insights, key messages, sales tools, positioning statements, competitive differentiators, and high yield questions.

Being available on the Salesforce1 Platform, all of these features are available on the phone or in the cloud and help organizations to deliver:

  • Buyer-centric Messaging
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment
  • Effective Sales Enablement
  • Shorter On-Boarding
  • Effective Product Launches
  • Increased Channel Velocity
  • Great Business Conversations

About Stantive Technologies Group

STANTIVE delivers enterprise portals, social intranets and corporate websites with OrchestraCMS, the only 100% native web content management system on Salesforce.

STANTIVE launched its successful partnership with Salesforce in 2005 and since then STANTIVE ‘s certified Salesforce advanced developers, administrators and consultants have delivered cloud-based web solutions to Global 1000 customers in all sectors across the globe.

Founded in 1992, STANTIVE has provided innovative technology solutions to meet the needs of small businesses through to large enterprises across the globe. The company is located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Information about STANTIVE products and services can be found at