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The Tas Group Introduces Sales Performance Manager With Built-In Sales Management Expertise, Insights and Best Practices to Get the Best Sales Performance; No Analytics Needed

Sales Performance Manager Allows Sales Teams to Crush Their Quarters With Complete Pipeline Visibility and Performance To Drive Increased Revenue San Francisco, CA — Nov 12, 2015 — The TAS Group, the global leader in smart sales transformation, today announced the launch of Sales Performance Manager, a first-of-its-kind solution that is available now as part […]

Sales Performance Manager Allows Sales Teams to Crush Their Quarters With Complete Pipeline Visibility and Performance To Drive Increased Revenue

San Francisco, CA — Nov 12, 2015 — The TAS Group, the global leader in smart sales transformation, today announced the launch of Sales Performance Manager, a first-of-its-kind solution that is available now as part of the Dealmaker platform. Sales Performance Manager helps sales leaders and their teams manage every aspect of their sales pipeline and performance with built-in sales knowledge and insights to help guide their decisions. The TAS Group’s Sales Performance Manager is the only solution that combines data, context and expert sales knowledge, and delivers an easy to understand coaching narrative to maximize sales velocity–all native on the Salesforce platform. The solution helps sales managers manage risk, increase pipeline visibility, improve performance and increase revenue without any need for complex analytics tools or data preparation.

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Current standards have sales leaders operating without full insight, relying on instinct and confusing analytics or outdated reporting rather than a clear understanding of the landscape or strategy for moving their pipeline forward. Dealmaker Sales Performance Manager illuminates every deal, so sales teams understand exactly where each opportunity stands and where there are risks in their pipeline in real-time. The result is better sales execution focused on the right opportunities, faster sales velocity and improved results. Dealmaker Sales Performance Manager is built natively on the Salesforce platform to deliver sales velocity insight and coaching in real-time. The intelligent visualizations and narrative that Dealmaker Sales Performance Manager delivers helps sales teams and managers understand which deals to prioritize and which best practices to use on a daily basis to make their sales targets. That way, leaders can avoid being overwhelmed by irrelevant data and focus only on the important risks and opportunities ahead.

David Brierley, VP of Sales, EMEA and APAC for Pyramid Analytics selected Dealmaker Sales Performance Manager to identify early warning signs in his pipeline.

“Sometimes sales feels like a game of hide-and-seek, with teams scrambling to nail their forecasts and frustrated managers working with limited information,” said Brierley. “What Sales Performance Manager does is make the whole pipeline transparent, so sales leaders are able to actually anticipate risks and opportunities and strategize around them, improving both customer experiences as well as revenue streams. Pyramid Analytics has been experiencing aggressive growth, so we chose Sales Performance Manager to identify obstacles early and accelerate our pipeline, so our velocity can match that expansion. Our end goal is to engage our customers quickly and effectively, boosting customer satisfaction and sales.”

“The frontline sales manager has one of the toughest jobs on the planet. It is really hard to keep doing the sales management basics that matter, when they are pulled in so many different directions, by so many people, with so little insight into what it takes to really do the job,” says Mike Weinberg, author of Sales Management. Simplified. “Winning deals matters, sales forecasts matter, pipeline development matters, salespeople matter and customers matter. Nothing else matters – not spending all your time in front of a screen updating the CRM or trying to understand the status of your opportunities. Great sales managers know that they have to apply proven sales management practices that work every day in the trenches. I welcome any system that helps them stick to the basics, and takes some of the pain away, because there’s pain there every day. That’s the way it is.”

Highlights of the new solution include:

  • A specially developed system of key performance indicators (KPIs) for measuring sales success: In order to achieve success in sales operations, sales managers (and salespeople) need to know how to recognize and measure it. Dealmaker Sales Performance Manager identifies the KPIs that matter and tells sales teams how they’re performing against those metrics. This gives sales organizations a clear path forward and increases their sales velocity.
  • Total visibility into revenue outlook: Sales leaders need a regular, transparent business rigor to help manage risk to short-term revenue and help the team focus on the right areas to maximize this quarter’s results. Dealmaker Sales Performance Manager lends consistent, real-time visibility into a sales organization’s current state, so teams can constantly access a complete, accurate understanding of their performance.
  • Expertly-informed pipeline management: A healthy pipeline is absolutely critical for a healthy business. With this solution, managers can instantly access insights specifically designed to help them navigate a successful pipeline strategy, tailored to each sales team’s specific needs and challenges.
  • Instant QBR performance review: It is incredibly difficult to look back on a quarter and positively identify everything that went right and wrong, as well as the reasons why, yet sales leaders are asked to do it at the end of every one. Dealmaker Sales Performance Manager eliminates that task entirely. The solution presents a complete, detailed picture of the pipeline in review, highlighting the challenges and successes and illustrating best practices for even better results in the coming quarter.
  • Anytime, anywhere access: The Internet of Things is anticipated to grow to 75 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020 according to Salesforce. To deliver the information sales teams need when they need it, Dealmaker Sales Performance Manager is available on any Internet-connected mobile device, meaning actionable intel and sales tools are available at any time. The solution is also native on the Salesforce platform, and is always real-time and up-to-date.
  • Accurate forecasting: CSO Insights has identified that sales forecasts may be up to 59% inaccurate. Dealmaker Sales Performance Manager eliminates the need for sellers and managers to spend hours each week developing flawed reports by delivering truly accurate forecasts for better business management.

The proven advantages of the Dealmaker Sales Performance Manager platform include:

  • Response vs. reporting: Instead of sales managers devoting time to identifying changes from week to week, Dealmaker Sales Performance Manager allows them to focus on next steps in response to those changes.
  • Early warning system: Dealmaker Sales Performance Manager provides visibility into the risks in the forecast, highlighting changes in deals and new opportunities being forecast, so sales teams can better manage their outcomes.
  • Deal prioritization: Dealmaker Sales Performance Manager helps sales teams identify which deals to focus on, so they never waste time on less important deals in the pipeline.
  • Forecast analysis: Dealmaker Sales Performance Manager identifies ineffective processes and wasted resources by looking back at a sales forecast and suggesting ways to improve sales teams’ efficiencies.
  • Team optimization: Dealmaker Sales Performance Manager assesses how each team member is performing, helping identify where to allocate additional personnel to keep teams proportionate.
  • Consistent coaching: Analysis from Dealmaker Sales Performance Manager delivers valuable coaching and guidance to sales reps, who may otherwise not have the chance to receive the feedback that would help them build out their best practices.

“Dealmaker Sales Performance Manager is exactly what sales leaders need to cut out ambiguity and take real, substantial steps forward,” said Donal Daly, CEO, The TAS Group. “Our software is informed by 30 years of experience and over 200 enterprise customers who are drawing billions of dollars of revenue every month. These insights go beyond analytics; they offer total visibility into the pipeline with all of that industry expertise for context. We wanted our customers to have accurate forecasts and explosive pipelines. With Dealmaker Sales Performance Manager, we’re giving them the understanding and guidance they need to get them.”

Read more about Dealmaker Sales Performance Manager with this warm introduction from The TAS Group’s CMO, Lara Shackelford.

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