Perfectly matched sales references on demand

Strengthen your prospect’s trust and win deals faster with peer-to-peer references. Leverage a Salesforce-native app that recommends references based on account and opportunity data.

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Stop searching, keep selling

Sales references are matched based on account and opportunity data and served right within the opportunity record.

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Start fast and scale quick

Because it’s built within Salesforce, the interface and structure is common to all sellers – no adoption curves or long trainings. Just get in and get going.

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100% Salesforce-native

As a Salesforce-native app, Sales Reference Manager delivers proven Salesforce reliability, scalability, and security.

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Hunt pipeline, not references.

Your team is most valuable when they’re progressing the next deal, not digging through account lists trying to find someone – anyone – who might take a reference call.

  • Peer-to-peer references automatically matched from Salesforce opportunity data
  • Qualified reference contacts recommended from the relationship owners who know their accounts best
  • Sellers can request new accounts for reference from the relationship owners with a few clicks

References have an 80-85% likelihood of influencing B2B purchasing decisions.



Only 18% of salespeople are trusted during the sales process.

*Harvard Business Review

References. On demand.

Not every sales team is supported by a brigade of reference management pros – but you still need references to help close your key deals.

Created by Sales Experts…

Sales Reference Manager displays the references most applicable to the opportunity and most likely to move the deal forward.

  • Built where sales teams live – in Salesforce
  • References display directly within the opportunity record
  • Dashboard shows the status of all reference requests in progress

…to win deals faster.

When existing customers recommend your products and services, prospects listen.

  • Prevent stalled deals and reduce sales cycles
  • Establish trust in the strongest way possible – through customer voice.
  • Increase the likelihood of closed-won opportunities

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