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Sales Pipeline Management Software

Give sales managers a comprehensive view of their sales team pipeline, track deal progress, identify risks, and bottlenecks all in one dashboard. Altify’s TeamView gives sales managers the detail they need to coach their team to focus on doing the right things for each deal in their pipeline.

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Ensure forecast accuracy

Do you know the full story behind your team’s pipeline numbers and how they affect your forecast accuracy? Enable your sales managers with a way to confidently review predicted, in-motion, and won deals and unite your revenue team behind one, highly accurate forecast.


Less than half of sales leaders have high confidence in their forecasting accuracy.


Sellers with a sales process in place have, on average, 75% forecast accuracy vs. only 37% accuracy with no sales process.


Companies with a defined sales process are 3 times more likely to increase revenue & outperform peers.

Pipeline management features:

Ready to choose the right Salesforce native forecasting software tool for you? Enable sales managers to deliver the best revenue results from their teams by focusing on doing the right thing for each opportunity in their pipeline. 

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Centralized view of deal activity

  • Know where you stand in every deal 
  • Develop strategies to help your team close  
  • View seller behaviors against each opportunity 

Improved Forecast Accuracy

  • See the status of short and longer-term pipeline 
  • Visualize progress against each opportunity 
  • Identify potential risks and bottlenecks that affect your forecast 
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Actionable View of Pipeline Icon
Actionable View of Pipeline

Focus on must win deals, so sales managers can maintain a deep understanding of the most important opportunities in your pipeline 

Coach the deals that Matter Icon
Coach the deals that Matter

Easily identify which opportunities need coaching, and use TeamView to collaborate with sellers in one-on-one or team meetings 

Salesforce Native sales coaching tool Icon
Salesforce Native sales coaching tool

Execute sales coaching on every opportunity right where your sellers work every day – Salesforce.  

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Altify Opportunities is a great tool to guide sellers through their deals, catching risks and enabling sales to mitigate them before they become problematic. Altify helps validate your opinion with evidence which highlights any risk areas and takes the emotion away - once you have the facts you can make educated and informed decisions

Jane Freeman
Former VP Global Sales Excellence, SDL plc

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Ready to give our Altify Sales Process solution a test drive? Try the free self-guided demo and learn how leading organizations around the world increase their sales velocity and forecast accuracy with Altify Sales Process.

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Sales Pipeline Management FAQS:

  • Sales pipeline management software is a digital tool designed to assist sales managers in tracking sales opportunities and effectively coaching sellers in closing those opportunities. It allows your sales leadership to see all crucial opportunities in the pipeline across the team, the status of those deals, and has other tools to help coach those opportunities to close.

  • Sales pipeline management software benefits revenue teams by delivering a comprehensive view of all opportunities within the pipeline, and provides the visibility your sales leadership needs to coach deals to close effectively.

  • Sales pipeline management tools aggregate all deals and opportunities and groups them by seller in one place within Salesforce. This tool works by showing the status of each deal, and gives sales leadership the visibility to coach their sellers in closing those deals.

  • Yes. TeamView gives your sales leadership the visibility into the pipeline that they need to improve forecast accuracy.

  • Salesforce native sales pipeline management software is more beneficial because it uses data and is housed directly from Salesforce, making it more accurate and accessible to sellers and sales leadership.

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