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Deal & Account Coaching Software

Facilitate action-orientated account and deal reviews that align your team to collaborate around a clear go-forward plan. Altify’s deal and account coaching software helps identify gaps, vulnerabilities, and recommendations with insight and collaboration from the wider revenue team directly in Salesforce. 

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As budgets tightened, win rates declined to 18% compared to 2022.


Deal sizes were down 21% in 2023 due to budget restrictions being a common objection.


72% of sellers did not expect to achieve annual target quota in 2023. 

Overcome your account and deal coaching challenges

The era of the lone wolf seller is over. The best way to win a deal or grow revenue in a key account is with a team. Transform disordered and superficial deal and account reviews into highly efficient, structured and team-driven endeavors.

Deal and account review features:

Ready to run deal and account reviews that drive actionable results? Unite your team behind a systematic approach to maximizing each person’s knowledge and experience, and the most effective actions to improve success. 

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Surface Questions, Gaps, and Vulnerabilities

  • Dedicate time for asking questions about key accounts or deals 
  • Discuss gaps within your relationships, insights, or process  
  • Identify vulnerabilities in your strategy and team actions to improve 

Deliver Action-Orientated Outcomes

    • Collaborate on recommendations to overcome roadblocks 
    • Create actions and track tasks to deliver success 
    • Clarify accountability and timelines
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Effective Team Collaboration

Execute regular deal and account reviews that are structured, efficient, and refined to maximize your team’s input.

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Nurture Revenue Team Selling

Identify where there might be gaps for one seller and leverage other team members relationships, insights, or ideas to overcome them. 

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Salesforce Native sales coaching tool

Execute effective deal and account reviews right where your sellers work every day – Salesforce.  

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A deal review session in Altify allows us to unpack what we’re hearing, challenge our assumptions, and make an actionable plan to pursue a deal.

If it’s a real project that has fire and pain behind it, your customer will give you the answers, share information, and introduce you to new people.

Tim Foster
Former Director, Growth Success, Capita

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Deal Review Software

Deal and Account Review Software FAQS:

  • Deal reviews are fundamental to account planning and bolster sales effectiveness. A successful deal review requires a few fundamental components: 

    • Rigorous qualification practices  
    • Group insights from integrated teams 
    • A clear understanding of who matters within a customer’s organization 
    • Supportive account planning technology  
  • Account reviews are periodic, team-wide sessions that assess the health and goals of an account plan. A successful account review requires:

    • Identifying outstanding questions
    • Exploring the gaps or shortcomings of an account plan
    • A clear understanding of who matters within a customer’s organization 
    • Brainstorming recommendations to overcome obstacles
    • Creating and assigning follow-up actions
    • Supportive account planning technology
  • Sellers benefit from using tools and software solutions that are seamless with their daily workflows. By working directly within Salesforce, Salesforce native sales coaching solutions ease adoption by sellers while having access to the relevant data it needs to help optimize the sales motion. 

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