Customer Data Platform for Publishers

Leverage first-party data to increase subscriptions and drive advertising spend in a cookieless world

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Understand your readers on a more meaningful level

Piece together insights from multiple channels and properties to deliver truly personalized experiences for your readers.

Improve the quality of your first-party data

Easy-to-use data loaders and user interface allow marketers to fetch data from source systems and create queries, all without help from IT.

  • Unify all data on your audience and create a Single Customer View
  • Prepare for the end of third-party cookies by getting more value from your first-party data
  • Overcome identity issues and future-proof your ad revenue strategy with Identity Resolution
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Boost advertising revenue with robust taxonomies

Create robust taxonomies in your data and use these to increase advertising revenue across individual or multiple properties.

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Create content your audience will love

Leverage interest and behavioral data to gain a better understanding of what they’re interested in and what resonates with them.

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Drive growth with reduced subscriber churn

Segment your audiences for a clear view of subscribers who are at risk of churn and create customized experiences to bring them back from the brink.

The biggest improvement for us has been time savings across many projects, leaving more time to create reports and analyze the effectiveness of those campaigns, and even create new ones altogether.

Adam Cromack
Marketing Manager, The Washington Post


Hours saved annually by daily newspaper



CDP users are 5x as likely to use attribution beyond first/last click to improve media performance


CDP users are 5x as likely to use advanced analytics to support triggered/real-time messaging

Life after third-party cookies: putting first-party data to work with a CDP

The end of third-party cookies is near. Read how a CDP can put your first-party data to work and future-proof your advertising revenue strategy

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