Unify all your online and offline customer data to create a Single Customer View

Gain 24/7 access to all your customer data and use your Single Customer View to power personalization across every channel.

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Product capabilities

Empower the marketing team with access to all their data in one place

BlueVenn unifies every customer action and interaction in one place, and builds 360 customer profiles, to enable a deeper understanding of customers

  • Remove the need to rely on IT teams or 3rd parties to assemble data for marketing campaigns
  • Improve data quality with continuous data cleansing and enhancements to every customer record
  • Connect to any data feed and use built-in identity resolution to create accurate customer intelligence

Tap into omnichannel customer insights that power better CX

Every conversion, web visit, click, like and channel interaction can be analyzed and segmented into audiences by everyday marketers

  • Connectors, APIs, and data loaders to automate complex data feeds ingest data from any source system.
  • From a single ‘Golden Record’ the business can get a deeper understanding of customers and their intentions.
  • Multi-touch attribution, RFV modeling, predictive analytics and data visualizations bring untapped customer insights to the surface.

Build a complete picture of every customer

Know your customer. Visualize the journey linked to customer records or anonymous users through a reliable and persistent memory of every transaction, click, open, visit, like, and engagement activity.

Turn ordinary marketers into data scientists

Easy-to-use data loaders and user interface allow marketers to fetch data from source systems and create queries, all without help from IT.

  • Easily ingest data from existing systems with connectors, APIs, and data loaders.
  • Identify and match all of an individual’s transactions, records, and behaviors.
  • Centrally manage customer preferences and consent across all channels.

Combine data, decisions, and channels

Create 360-degree profiles to uncover customers’ wants and needs, to provide better targeting and personalized marketing.

  • No data is off-limits with channel-agnostic loaders and connectors.
  • Gain insights needed to power campaigns in record time.
  • Cut compliance risks by storing and governing data in one place.
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Get a clear, holistic view of your customers

Visualize your individual customers’ characteristics, behaviors, previous purchases, brand interactions, and preferences, all in one place.

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Optimize data access

Give marketers 24/7 access to all customer profiles in one secure, compliant database that has been standardized and enhanced with third-party information.

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Share customer records with your marketing tools

Use ‘Golden Records’ to power omnichannel campaigns, so customers receive personalized ads and content that ties in with their customer journey.


CDP users are 8x as likely to have a full view of customers’ digital and offline interactions


CDP users are 5x as likely to use attribution beyond first/last click to improve media performance


CDP users are 5x as likely to use advanced analytics to support triggered/real-time messaging

Customer Data Platform benchmark report

Winterberry Group’s report clarifies the defining characteristics of a ‘true CDP’, which capabilities it should have, and what type your company needs.

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What I love is how easy it is to find a new data source then load it, link it, use it! For one project it took just 15 minutes to get the data in, 30 minutes to do analysis, and within an hour we had full trending analysis of our customer reviews over the last 2 ½ years.

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LV= implemented BlueVenn analytic tools for segmentation, analytics, and campaigns

BlueVenn enabled LV= to go from multiple marketing products to one platform, for a combined view of customers, campaigns, and portfolios.

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81% Increase in response rates

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Mark Allen Group powered business growth with BlueVenn

Using BlueVenn, Mark Allen Group ensured their B2B magazines reached all the most relevant people in each industry.

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30 Data in 30 min, not three days

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Subaru UK boost their test drives with a Single Customer View

Subaru UK combined the data from 60 dealerships with eCommerce and call center data, and used it to drive personalized campaigns and experiences.

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3.2x Increase in test drives

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