Customer Data Platform for publishers and media companies to monetize their first party data

Join leading publishing and media brands that use BlueVenn to better understand their consumers, and create personalized omnichannel experiences that drive more revenue

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Unify every byte of data about your consumers into a powerful 360° Single Customer View

Connect all your customer data to BlueVenn to unify every interaction, click, and conversion into one centralized system.

  • Better understand every individual customer, as well as build clusters and segments based on identified similarities
  • Piece together data from multiple channels and properties to paint the full picture of your audience

Activate clean, unified customer data to power personalization across all your marketing channels

Match content and behaviors across audiences, advertisers and products to place effective ad placements, and better personalize offers and content to your audiences.

  • Connect your CDP data to all your email, SMS, mobile apps, web and/or offline channels
  • Create omnichannel customer journeys injected with predictive analytics and segmentation to automate impactful campaigns

2022 Marketer’s Guide to Customer Data Platforms

There are many different types of Customer Data Platforms, all of which offer their own capabilities. To understand what a CDP is, and to find the right one for your business, read our handy guide.

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Hours saved annually by daily newspaper


reduction in email campaign construction and 95% deliverability rate achieved with BlueVenn

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