What is a Customer Engagement Platform?

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Create meaningful, profitable campaigns that fully engage your customers

A fully engaged customer represents 23% more revenue than a customer who isn’t. Therefore if you don’t have an effective customer engagement strategy in place, you are missing crucial opportunities to make the most of your customer interactions and your bottom line is being hit hard!

So to build profitable, long-term relationships with customers, engagement is integral for any business. Your customers expect you to interact with them, and meet their needs, in real-time more than ever before.

However, for B2C organizations with a huge customer base, a great customer experience and engagement strategy isn’t easily achieved – which is why it’s important to use a customer engagement platform that can easily segment customers based on analytics and insights. This will empower you to communicate with customers at a one-to-one level using the insights gained.

What Is Customer Engagement Software?

Customer engagement software is a platform that enables marketers to actively engage as many customers as possible through automation. This is achieved by managing customer communication throughout a range of touchpoints and channels such as email, social media, web, SMS, direct mail, mobile and more.

Customer engagement software consistently provides targeted messages and information to the right customers, and at the right time, to optimize engagement.

Moreover, the customer engagement platform should empower the marketing team with the right metrics to be able to understand how to create stronger relationships with their customers that can nurture loyalty and increase cross-sell and upsell potential.

As a result, marketers can:

  • Boost revenue by creating better customer engagements along the path to a sale.
  • Reduce costs by ensuring that marketing content hits the right individual at the right time and there is no wastage.
  • Reduce churn by delivering messages that bring customers back and choose not to opt-out.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing them with relevant and engaging content throughout the customer journey

Screenshot showcasing the drag & drop Customer Journey and Engagement workflow tools in BlueVenn

BlueVenn – The Effective Customer Engagement Solution

Whilst customer engagement can seem complex, the BlueVenn customer engagement solution makes this process simple and effective by blending all your online and offline data from disparate sources, creating your Single Customer View (SCV). Your SCV then becomes the foundation for creating personalized, one-to-one marketing content, enabling you to deliver meaningful and highly profitable campaigns.

BlueVenn then provides analysis and data visualization tools for everyday marketers to interrogate their data without having to undertake any coding, complex statistical tasks or requesting data from IT or third parties.

BlueVenn also mitigates data risks by keeping an audited trail of every change or update to your data over time. It maintains all preferences or suppressions, and can use third party data sources to enhance and maintain your customer data in real-time.

Finally, BlueVenn provides a drag and drop environment to plan and execute multi-channel customer journeys, enabling marketing to manage the whole customer experience through one tool.

Explore the range of BlueVenn customer engagement features online or get in touch today for a demo.

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