Five reasons why you should be using multi-channel marketing software

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The days of plastering a message on a billboard or running an ad in a newspaper is not as effective as it once was. Not least because tracking the results of marketing spend using these traditional methods is much harder than through digital mediums.

Now, marketers have to utilize all their marketing channels to ensure that a message is seen, and heard. Moreover, that their brand is visible in the right place at the right time, no matter what digital channels consumers touch as part of their customer journey.

With so many marketing touchpoints and strategies to orchestrate, how can marketing departments better coordinate their efforts efficiently?

Using multi channel marketing automation software enables businesses to build and execute campaigns across all their marketing channels, be that through social media, email, SMS, web or direct mail. multi channel marketing software means marketers have a single ‘decision engine’ to ensure the correct message is delivered via the most appropriate outlet, depending on a customer’s actions and behavior.

Why else would it be beneficial for organizations to use multi channel marketing software?

To boost your sales

By connecting with targeted customers at various stages of the buying process, you are driving your message more than if you were utilizing a single channel. On average, 15-30% of multi channel customers spend more than customers who are only connected via a single channel.

A multi channel approach means more opportunities to purchase products, and far greater audience visibility. Studies found that brands using a multi channel digital marketing strategy achieve up to 300% improvement in ROI from their advertising efforts, resulting from a 24% increase in conversion rates as more targeted customers see ads from multiple channels.

To unify messaging

Using multi channel marketing software helps create a more integrated approach to marketing, viewing your strategy as a whole, rather than as siloed channels. A single platform where you build and send marketing communications means the creation of more consistent, choreographed messages and brand style across all channels.

Respond quickly to customer trends

Today’s consumers have more methods of connecting with a business than ever, and businesses need to respond to customer demands. Connecting with customers via multiple marketing platforms means that customers have more opportunities for engagement, and your business has more opportunities to nurture the customer relationship and increase customer satisfaction, using the channel that best suits customer preference.

Improved data collection and analytics

A multi channel marketing strategy is an effective way of collecting valuable customer data. This information can then be analyzed to gain an accurate view of your audience. The tools employed within multi channel marketing software enable marketers to understand the behavior of the customers they are interacting with, facilitating more enhanced and improved targeting in the future. Every channel and touchpoint provides valuable customer insight, and tracking this shows how users are interacting with your brand across all of your channels.


Basing future marketing on reliable data means that marketers who use a multi channel strategy can deploy their resources more efficiently and effectively due to these accurate insights. Marketers are able to implement cost-effective strategies to engage and connect with their customers across multiple channels, resulting in faster and better returns for their investment in marketing strategies.

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BlueVenn is the first and only Customer Data Platform with fully integrated multi channel marketing automation providing its 400 clients with the ability to manage, monitor and execute all their online and offline campaigns through one tool.

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