Case Study

The Washington Post saves 100 hours of data preparation

The Washington Post needed to measurably reduce the marketing team’s labor and cost associated with time-consuming data preparation.

In particular, The Washington Post has been able to use these tools to measurably reduce the labor involved with time-consuming tasks, improve third-party vendor relationships, and more efficiently manage its subscriber base.

Using BlueVenn and its MaaX solution, the publication continues to find new ways to optimize its marketing performance and improve the customer experience. Read this case study to learn how BlueVenn helped The Washington Post with:

  • Efficient data preparation, offering 100 hours of time saving
  • Optimizing monotonous tasks from hours down to minutes
  • Marketing team recovering time to engage in more creative endeavors
The biggest improvement for us has been time savings across many projects, leaving more time to create reports and analyze the effectiveness of those campaigns, and even create new ones altogether.
Adam Cromack, Marketing Manager, The Washington Post 

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