Retail Study research

Read the study now to discover all the latest shopping trends, how retailers are working to accommodate the 'hybrid consumer', and what barriers are standing in their way.

In November 2020, BlueVenn polled 4,031 consumers and 501 retail marketers in the UK and US, to see how shoppers have changed their festive habits and how well retailers are managing to keep up with them, to engage customers & secure sales.

Download the report for a view of our findings, such as:

  • 55% of shopper expect to dramatically change the way they shop this Christmas
  • 53% will do a mix of both online and in-store shopping
  • Over 25% expect to spend 10-30% more per shopping trip this year
  • 39% of respondents will shop more once they are vaccinated
  • 57% of retailers worry they won’t be able to adjust to changing consumer behavior
  • 62% fear losing customers as they move online


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