Unified Customer Data & Engagement Platform for Retail Brands

Create unified customer profiles, take your customer intelligence to new levels & orchestrate personalized campaigns across every channel.

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Better understand your audiences with customer analytics and insights at your fingertips

Unify customer data from all your online and offline data sources to create a Single Customer View, and arm the marketing team with unlimited customer analytics and predictive insights to understand your customers at a deeper level.

  • Removes any reliance on IT or agencies for access to data, or to create targeted audiences for campaigns.
  • Better understand how individuals and segments of customers behave across channels, campaigns and journeys.
  • Understand attribution and create targeted segments that improve cross-sell, up-sell, retention and engagement strategies.

Delight customers & deliver compelling offers with connected online and offline channels

Consolidate all your online and offline marketing channels into one central campaign workflow, powered by your CDP data, to deliver the right message, in the perfect channel, and at the right time – every time!

  • Combine the perfect mix of products, offers and channels to boost conversion rates and improve experiences for every individual.
  • Create dynamic customer journeys using predictive models to power next best action marketing.
  • Maximize the effectiveness of all your marketing channels and remove duplication of effort across your digital products.

“We are making much more informed decisions now, with the value of BlueVenn reaching right across the business.”

Joe Pack
Head of CRM at Space NK

Why choose Upland BlueVenn?

Upland BlueVenn is a leading Customer Data Platform, designed to help unify all your customer data and power omnichannel customer experiences. Created to help brands meet and exceed their customers expectation, BlueVenn helps retail marketers deliver personalized, targeted experiences with ease.


In additional revenue attributed to converted cart abandoners for luxury shoe brand using BlueVenn.

11 Days

Reduction in campaign times for homeware and clothing retailer

1 Day

Campaign kick-off times reduced from weeks to just one day

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