Upland Cimpl University – Cimpl MACD

Cimpl MACD

Course Overview:

This course teaches you how to manage your instance of Cimpl on a daily basis. You will learn everything about managing your inventory, workorders, actions as well as how to process & resolve discrepancies, disputes and configuring your catalogues.

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By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Work in the inventory by updating it and processing workorders
  • Create Quotations
  • MACD Dashboard
  • ROI Dashboard
  • Configuring providers, catalogues, service types, plans and options
  • Addressing discrepancies
  • Processing disputes


  • New participants are enrolled each Monday
  • Course access is available 24×7 for four weeks
  • Includes approximately 3-hours of course material
  • Get questions answered by the Cimpl training team


  • 5 Credits per course
  • Course registration is non-refundable.