Upland Cimpl University – Basics for Employees & Managers

Basics for Employees & Managers

Course Overview:

This course teaches you the basics of Cimpl from an employee and a manager’s perspective. Learn how to view your costs & assets, the ones you are responsible for, as well as how you stand cost-wise compared to your department and company. This course will show you how to place orders, view your user statement, and that of your employees.

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  • By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Log in to Cimpl
  • Dashboard: know what I have, and what my employees have as well as the costs associated to myself and what is under my responsibility
  • Understand the User Statement & Dispute it if required
  • Process actions in the Self-Service
  • Execute and schedule reports
  • Requests: view statuses of my requests, approve requests


  • New participants are enrolled each Monday
  • Course access is available 24×7 for four weeks
  • Includes approximately 30 min of course material
  • Get questions answered by the Cimpl training team


  • 1 Credit per course
  • Course registration is non-refundable.

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