Upland Cimpl University – Contract Management

Contract Management

Course Overview:

Cimpl’s Contract Management module lets you keep track of all of your contracts, know what your MARCs and MACDs are, as well as your liabilities. As well, receive alerts when the time comes to start renegotiating a contract or one is about to expire.

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By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Enter your Contracts into Cimpl
  • Create alerts
  • Set the relationship between contracts
  • Upload your contracts into Cimpl to have instant access


  • New participants are enrolled each Monday
  • Course access is available 24×7 for four weeks
  • Includes approximately 30 min of course material
  • Get questions answered by the Cimpl training team


  • 1 Credit per course
  • Course registration is non-refundable.


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