Upland Cimpl University – Provider Portal

Provider Portal

Course Overview:

Cimpl’s Provider Portal allows your providers to access their own scaled-down version of Cimpl. This allows the providers to fulfill or complete workorders (which updates your Cimpl inventory at the same time), as well as respond to quotation requests.

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By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Login to the provider portal
  • Know the sections for workorders and quotations
  • Fulfill or complete a workorder
  • Submit information required for a quotation
  • Use the chat functionality


  • New participants are enrolled each Monday
  • Course access is available 24×7 for four weeks
  • Includes approximately 30 min of course material
  • Get questions answered by the Cimpl training team


  • 1 Credit per course
  • Course registration is non-refundable

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