Why Cimpl

Go beyond Telecom Expense Management and
Take Back Control of your Enterprise Digital Footprint™

Upland’s Cimpl Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution is used by global enterprises to better control telecommunications and IT costs. With more than nine million devices under management, Cimpl is a SaaS-based solution that offers an innovative approach to managing an organizations entire Enterprise Digital Footprint™ at scale.

The Cimpl difference: bringing all technology inventory and expenses in one place

Cimpl differentiates itself with an inventory-based, multi-tenant SaaS platform that offers a single portal to bring fixed wireline, data and infrastructure, wireless, cloud applications, IaaS services, and other IT assets into one place. Cimpl helps organizations take back control of their Enterprise Digital Footprint™, breaking down hard dollar savings, automation savings, and inventory accuracy across all IT and telecom spend. Complemented by expert managed and professional services and a customer-first account management organization, Cimpl can be fine-tuned to the unique business transformation needs of any medium and large-sized enterprise.

  • Your results:

    Save money by reducing unnecessary expenses, save time by automating workflows, maintain an accurate inventory with role-based access to reports, and take action on assets and services. Generating between 10-15% savings on telecom spend.

  • Our customers:

    Global mid-market or enterprise organizations use the Cimpl platform with as little as $2 Million in spend and grow over time. Requiring the management of complex inventory, cost, and usage of IT assets, telecom, wireless, and cloud services.

  • Our difference:

    A single multi-tenant platform that is constantly evolving to manage all telecom, IT, and cloud computing expenses more effectively, with a focus on integrations.

  • Our partners:

    Upland Cimpl currently has an established sales, managed services, and professional partner program in North America. These include global IT BPO companies, telecom carriers, and smaller regional consultants. Become a partner.

Facts about Upland Cimpl

  • $3.75 billion IT and telecom spend
  • 9 million assets and services managed
  • 230+ asset and service types managed
  • 250+ integration and communication points


  • AOTMP’s Rising Star for 2018
  • ETMA Award for the Company Who Gives Back to Community the Most in 2018
  • AOTMP’s Solution Innovation of the Year for 2017
  • Named in GARTNER Market Guide for Technology Expense Management since 2016

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