Billing Errors: Are You Safe?

Discover billing errors to recover thousands of dollars is the 4th reason to go beyond TEM and manage your Employee Digital Footprint.

Do you know Philip? Of course you do. Philip (a name we’ve given him to protect his privacy) is a 38-year old IT manager for a company offering financial services to its clients. The organization employs about 5,000 people.  With their representatives always on the road around the world, you can imagine how many technology assets Philip has to manage. But how is he supposed to keep an eye on all the devices, software, licenses, and other types of technological assets that the company owns? Another challenge that Philip faces stems from his knowledge that there is a 20% margin of error on his telecom bills (Gartner, 2016); he is convinced that his organization pays way more money than they should on telecommunication services and business technology.

Where do these errors come from?

Without a TEM platform like the one Cimpl offers, Philip knows all too well that these billing errors likely come from many sources. Billing errors could come in the form of unauthorized invoices from service providers, service charges that have neither been accepted nor receivedpayments that were misapplied to certain service plans, among many other reasons. Errors can also occur when renegotiating contracts, or when the monthly invoices won’t match the changes made to the master agreement.

At the end of the month, Philip meets with his CIO to make his technology expense report. Though not his fault, he knows that the expenses are significant, and that the numbers are probably incorrect. While speaking to his supervisor about these issues, Philip realizes that he needs to make a change. He must choose a TEM software to get visibility on his inventory and the costs associated with all his assets.

How can a TEM software help Philip?

By doing research and reading blogs, he realizes that a TEM platform would greatly help him do his work. A software-as-a-service (SaaS, for short) like Cimpl would allow him to gain visibility over all the technology he manages at a level he’s never experienced but always desired. Philip understands that all of his bills can be consolidated in one place, thereby allowing him to act directly to recover the value of excessive bills or dispute incorrect charges.

Philip finds a TEM provider and asks for a demo. During the demo, he sees that the platform’s different functions will allow him to see every device and its usage and  service plan.

Excited about this now possible clarity, Philip is confident that the TEM platform will help him with a problem that he suspects is brewing. Philip recently changed the service plans for several employees’ smartphones, but is almost certain that he will still be billed according to the previous contract, which is much more expensive. Philip is looking forward to generating reports quickly and easily to validate the numbers from invoices received against the terms of the negotiated contract, all from a TEM platform. So Philip gets the platform.


His hunch paid off. In addition to the clarity, the TEM platform offers even more useful, time-saving tools, like automated reports and charts representing usage, amount saved, and much more! And just as he’d thought, the TEM platform confirms his suspicions: Philip was getting the wrong bills! Thanks to the many functions of the platform, he notices it quickly, and contacts the provider directly and takes the necessary steps to receive a billing credit that will correct the errors.

With all this money saved, Philip will finally be able give his supervisor good news. Billing errors are easily tracked and contribute to a culture of cost transparency within the business.

Philip is delighted by the results from the purchase of the telecom expense management platform, and so is his boss. Billing errors are discovered easily, and there is now a better control over the company’s technology assets and services. He can focus on other tasks since the quick and easy reporting saves him time. Philip recommends following in his footsteps so that you can save money for your organization by catching and resolving billing errors with a TEM platform.

Billing errors happen more often than you think and can hinder your company. Be sure to have the necessary tools and resources to find them and get the billing credits for the excess expenses. For more information about billing errors and how they can be avoided, don’t hesitate to contact us today at Cimpl!

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