Summer Release: Contract Manager and Discrepancy Tracker Tool

Summer is finally here, and so is our second release of the year. It was officially deployed over the weekend of July 6-7, 2019 and communications were sent to all of our customers. This specific release comes with several new features and functionalities to help manage the life cycle of contracts as well as a new powerful discrepancy tracker tool.

Special thanks to our loyal customers, which participated in the gathering phase of these requirements and shared with us their current processes and future expectations. It provided us with great feedback to enhancing Cimpl with these new tools.

Summer Release: Contract Manager and Discrepancy Tracker Tool

What’s New in Cimpl?

All of the following features are now available for our customers using Cimpl or in migration and will be available to new customers that are currently in implementation phase. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

New Telecom Contract Management Module

Centralize the management and tracking of your contracts’ full lifecycle

We wanted to provide our customers with more visibility around the management of various types of contracts (MSA, Schedule, NDA, EULA, Amendment, etc.) with tracking the key parameters required in the lifecycle of master contracts (contract phases, important dates, billing details, and related commitments and more).

In this module, you will be able to track date milestones of master contracts, identify end of contract and configure notifications and alerts ahead of time to have a more proactive tracking of renewals and vendors negotiations.

The Contract Management module provides key statistics on contract expiration as well as an at-a-glance view of upcoming renewal dates.

It is simple to add new master contracts and modify existing ones all in one place. You will be able to keep track and manage contract phases, important dates, billing details, and related commitments, compatible service types, and more. You can also create links among master contracts so that parent and child associations can be properly tracked and managed.

Set up alerts to ensure timely management of your contracts

Alerts can now be configured in the Contract Management module to notify users to take actions before or after contracts become due; e-mail reminders will be sent to users that are accountable for, managing or are impacted by, a specific contract.

You can create new alerts and edit existing ones; other actions include stop/resume, clone, or delete alerts, and keep track of all historical changes made to alerts in the activity tab.

New Billing Discrepancies Module

Keep track of and dispute billing discrepancies; then sit back and reap savings

The Billing Discrepancies Tracker, for both wireless and wireline, was created to allow managed services teams and customers to analyze billing inconsistencies and track results of actions taken, do pattern analysis and perform bulk actions. You will get key discrepancy statistics at-a-glance while discovering patterns and recurring discrepancies, and act on them accordingly while tracking the discrepancy lifecycle from beginning to end.

You will now be able to:

  • Track, categorize inconsistencies.
  • Perform actions on discrepancies.
  • Assign reasons or choose to ignore the error and justify why in the comments.
  • Filter through and edit your comments in the comments section.

New Menu navigation and other Features

We are always looking for new ways to improve the user experience. Here is what you can expect in the Summer Release:

  • New Menu Interface. You can find it in the Inventory and Configuration modules.
  • Users can now log out of Cimpl and be redirected toward a custom URL if requested.
  • Cimpl now supports access to its French language UI upon first login when requested by the customer at time of implementation.

That’s all for the Summer release. Our product team has already started working on the next release coming up in the Fall. You want to keep up with our releases and best practices for Technology and Telecom Expense Management? Subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

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