Get Valuable Insights Into IT Costs and Workflow Improvements

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Gaining valuable insight into IT costs and improving your efficiencies is reason #89 to go beyond Telecom Expense Management. Connecting ServiceNow and Cimpl will give you the best of both worlds – focusing on cost savings and optimization as well as incident handling and tracking.

Get Valuable Insights Into IT Costs and Workflow Improvements

Get Visibility on the Cost of Service Delivery

Cimpl and ServiceNow are significantly different in scope and target user, and yet complementary when implemented together. Cimpl enables companies to gain valuable insight into their IT costs. ServiceNow manages IT processes and operations. Together, enterprises can improve efficiency, and better understand their cost of service delivery.

Cimpl is a technology expense management solution that focuses on cost savings and optimization. One of the advantages is the ability to automate the procure-to-pay processes and invoice validation against contracts. Another function of Cimpl is the validatation of the AP files for ERP systems and granular reporting on the cost breakdown. Cimpl offers an integrated ecosystem with inventory management, so you know where everything is as all times. By adding ServiceNow to Cimpl, you will continue to reap all the benefits of the ITSM platform while gaining the added perks of a TEM service. The integration between the two platforms is seamless. With Cimpl, you pay only what you must pay, when you must pay it. This helps reduce unnecessary expenditures and provides greater insight into your IT costs.

Ultimately creating a culture of IT cost transparency within your enterprise.

As most of you might know, ServiceNow is a platform for IT Service Management and IT operations Management that focuses on incident handling and tracking. It also functions as an IT asset repository-base CMDB and discovery engine which easily integrates with third party solutions and service providers. It also provides reporting on current state of incidents. Even though ServiceNow is one of the bigger players in the space, there are others in the same space such as Remedy, Axios, Cherwell, Helix, just to name a few.

“Benefit from efficiencies of incident management and automation while reaping hard dollar optimization, automation and detailed data accuracy of Telecom and Technology Expense Management”

3 benefits of TEM and ITSM

Integrating Cimpl with ServiceNow means that you will have access to relevant cost and financial data that can better optimize your processes and workflows. We will take care of managing your telecom and mobility environments, as our platform streamlines processes and frees up your IT resources. By adding Cimpl to ServiceNow you will:


1. Enhance your Data Sources

You will have access to a layer of cost and financial data that was not easily accessible with only ServiceNow. You will also be able to provide cost visibility to employees and managers. This helps make them accountable for their user statements and easier for them to confirm inventory assignments. This keeps your inventory accurate and can alter usage behaviors to save money.  By integrating these two platforms together, you will have a greater visibility of inventory with telecom and wireless carriers and the capabilities to discover unused services and billing errors. Through Cimpl, you will be able to track disputed charges to resolution and reception of credits.


2. Streamline your Workflows – Don’t change your processes.

You will be able to streamline your workflows without changing any of your processes, you will also be enhancing the speed of communication with vendors. Inventory requests will be automated through workflows and approval processes, and it will be easy to keep track of the changes. Our multi-tenant platform allows you to reduce your time spent on internal accounts payable processes. Even more exciting – Cimpl allows for seamless communication with vendors with a closed loop system through the provider portal and quotation tool.


3. Access the Expertise you need – Free up your Resources

You will have access to the expertise you need. You don’t need to be experts in the management of telecom expenses. Cimpl takes care of the details for you. We will manage the inventory by making sure the appropriate updates are completed when they need attention. This allows you to free up your resources while providing you with easy communications with your end users and vendors.  Let us focus on your telecom expenses while you focus on providing services and managing your IT operations.

Benefit from the incident handling and tracking while focusing on cost savings and optimization by integrating ServiceNow with Cimpl!

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