What is UCC Expense Management?

Managing UCC to gain visibility into usage and costs is the 72nd reason to go beyond TEM and manage your Enterprise Digital Footprint.

According to Gartner, “unified communications and collaboration” (UCC) refers to “the combination of communications and collaboration technologies”. Basically, it gathers typical methods of communication such as email, text, video and voice under one roof.

PBX phone systems and similar tools like IP telephony and VoIP services are now a standard in the business world, although a private network of connected phone lines has become a must for all departments in an organization.

Call accounting can help companies track call recording data from their connected lines by providing useful data related to fixed and wireless lines as well as information concerning all phone calls being made throughout an enterprise, which then helps finance teams chargeback call data and expenses to the right departments and business units.

However, companies are now communicating and collaborating in more complex ways. Communication has radically changed and businesses are increasingly adopting UCC tools that provide services for much more than just basic phone calls, like Skype for Business for instance.

Why manage UCC?

Most technology expense management solutions offer ways to collect basic call record data from your traditional PBX systems, including call origin, call destination, length of phone calls, and most other call activity. But when it comes to UCC tools, retrieving this kind of data is trickier – there’s actually no way to do it without using an additional software, so rating calls and charging them back to the right department is much more difficult than with PBX phone systems.

By tracking data and expenses associated with UCC, you’ll be able to:

  1. Allocate and chargeback costs to the right departments and business units.
  2. Discover unused extensions or accounts that can be retired or re-allocated.
  3. Prevent fraud and maintain security through monitoring call activity and usage

What is the value of UCC expense management?

Adopting new technologies like Software-as-a-Service is a key step towards digital transformation. Part of the process involves upgrading voice platforms and PBX systems to cloud solutions to keep up with your business’ modern collaboration needs. This is where the underlying infrastructure of UCC comes in and really elevates the workplace, allowing more integrated and consolidated collaboration among employees and customers alike.

Managing all assets and expenses associated with unified communications and collaboration is essential to an effective UCC environment. Without visibility, the benefits of a consolidated and collaborative environment are outweighed by security risks, a lack of self-awareness, non-compliance, and the inability to recover or allocate costs. So, UCC expense management brings you value by:

  • Allocating costs for showback and chargeback to the right departments and business units
  • Monitoring usage and activity associated with UCC tools
  • Encouraging self-awareness
  • Allowing you to discover under-utilized and zero-usage accounts and extensions
  • Providing details and configurable reports for the finance team
  • Preventing fraud and security breaches

Consolidate and collaborate under one unified platform

UCC is just one branch of technology expense management; TEM includes other areas of expense management such as wireless expense management (WEM), IT expense management (ITEM) and telecom expense management (TEM). As companies move from traditional PBX systems to UCC tools, an all-in-one technology expense management solution like Cimpl proves itself as very useful  to take care of wireline, wireless, IT, IoT, cloud, UCC and M2M assets and expenses. Our software assists organizations in their digital transformation journey by giving them a multitude of tools to empower them and allow them to take back control of their technology costs while managing their enterprise digital footprint.

To dive deeper into UCC expense management and how it can benefit your business, take a look at our ePaper on the subject!

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