What is Wireless Expense Management?

Whether you’ve heard of it as wireless expense management, mobile expense management, or mobility expense management, each of these terms are the same thing. With 95% of Americans currently owning a cell phone, wireless technologies are growing rapidly and have been adopted by just about everyone. In fact, the number of mobile phone users is only expected to increase, to nearly 5 billion by 2020.

On that note, mobile devices serve us in many ways that extend beyond mere personal use. In fact, the market size for BYOD and enterprise mobility is expected to rise to a whopping $73.3 billion by 2021. As organizations contribute to the exponential growth of wireless technologies, reigning in the associated costs and devices will be a requirement.

Enterprises often require an extensive inventory of mobile devices in order to keep their employees easily accessible and available from just about anywhere. From sales, to project management, to marketing, almost everyone in the company needs a cell phone to speak to clients, prospects, and even colleagues. This means that larger companies can end up with thousands of mobile devices to keep track of, and individual usage to monitor for each of those devices. That’s where wireless expense management (WEM) comes in. An extension of telecom expense management, WEM is a solution for organizations to combat the challenges associated with managing a large number of mobile devices. Just the act of allocating devices to the right individuals can be time consuming and riddled with errors.

What’s the value of WEM?

Implementing wireless expense management in the workplace helps to support you in managing everything that has to do with mobile devices, plans, usage, and all of the associated expenses. WEM allows you to keep track of everything in an organized and accurate wireless inventory. You’ll always know who has which devices, where they are, and what kind of expenses they’re incurring. This kind of solution essentially helps organizations avoid the hassle that comes with enterprise mobility, and focus on the more important components to running a business.

Wireless expense management is built to;

  • Significantly reduce wireless costs
  • Seek out new operational efficiencies
  • Bring cost and usage visibility
  • Provide IT managers and employees alike with the control they need over their mobile voice and data devices and services

Some of the areas where you’ll see major improvements are;

  • Better mobile rate plans
  • Cost transparency and billing discrepancies
  • Zero-usage devices and their retirement

Consider an all-inclusive solution, such as Cimpl, which includes a variety of options that can serve all of expense management needs. Choosing the right platform can be the difference between having all of your data and assets managed for you in one solution, or in ten solutions. To learn more about taking back control of your wireless costs and how WEM can improve your organizational structure, take a look at our free “What is WEM?” ePaper. You’ll get a detailed understanding of what WEM can do and how wireless expense management is beneficial to businesses.

AUTHOR: Victoria Lewin

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