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How a Company Reaped an ROI of 249% with the Help of Automation

Imagine having to handle over 65,000 employees and over 100,000 assets. It is practically impossible to picture how a company is able to have clear visibility on each of these assets and their specific costs, plans and usage. This food distribution company was overwhelmed and decided to take back the control of their technological environment. Here’s how automation helped this company.

How a Company Reaped an ROI of 249% with the Help of Automation

“Automation accounted for 47% of savings!


With over 100,000 assets to manage, this company had no visibility over their assets and were using an excessive amount of internal resources to review their telecom costs and process requests. Each department were managing their telecom assets which translated into valuable time and money wasted as they were not able to allocate the necessary amount of time to find all the discrepancies in their telecom invoices. There were no clear processes or tools for departments to correctly audit their inventory, cost and data, and the company could not promote a culture of accountability at large. They decided that they needed to take back control of their technological environment and find a potential TEM provider that could help them gain visibility.


  • Approval processes and workflows
  • Automated invoice verification
  • Configurable reports
  • Supportive services


After their integration with Cimpl, the food and service distributor saw an immediate change in their environment. The platform provided the visibility they needed, they could now see all of their inventory in one place.

It was now possible to find and cancel unused services. Service details were now easy to locate:  one place to view contracts, plan information, associated hardware, cost and usage. This meant that each manager could have an overview of their team’s telecom environment, and from there, take the right actions. This helped the company create a culture of accountability with their team, as each individual could see how they were taking part in the company’s IT budget and try to rectify their behavior on their own. The added visibility helped the company reap an ROI of 249%.

One of the biggest aspects of TEM that helped this company take back control, was the use of automation for invoice verification and the ability to configure their own reports. More than 15 different types of reports are now automated to meet their requirements of information distribution to management or simply to help manage their telecom inventory.

The platform also automated the invoice loading process, loading more than 2,967 invoices every month. Automation was a big part of their collaboration with Cimpl, savings from automation accounted for 47% of all savings!

The Cimpl platform gave them clear processes for different tasks. Workflows for approvals and processing of orders were implemented. With the platform, each individual or department has the ability to see their cost and usage and initiate internal workflows related to billing or hardware issues. It is now easy to take action on orders and tickets because of the configuration of predetermined approval processes by departments or types of service requests. The reduction in email exchanges to process requests was appreciated by all.

To help audit the inventory Cimpl was able to provide monthly recommendations based on trends and patterns. A watch list was created to keep track on end-users who would often go over their usage limit, giving the information needed to help alter their usage behavior. With the combination of the initial telecom audit and end-user visibility, the company reaped 9% of savings over their annual spend.

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