Customer Story

Manufacturer Reaps 175% in ROI Savings with Wireless Expense Management

Day-to-day management of wireless devices is a real challenge for organizations today as the demand for flexibility and accessibility increases. Mobility costs are out of control, there is no visibility and supporting regular employee requests was just too much for one person.

With Cimpl, a manufacturer recuperated savings that far exceeded their initial investment.


Prior to partnering with Cimpl, the customer was using another mobility service provider and was not satisfied as they could not identify the value they were receiving from their offering. Their Site Manager had been tasked with taking over the wireless management for North America and needed to gain control of the expenses. The day-to-day activities of managing the wireless fleet was becoming a full-time endeavour. Keeping track of top users and zero-usage devices, process multiple orders per month, be the mobility helpdesk and, furthermore, audit invoices from their two carriers showcased the customer’s need for a simpler, convenient way of managing these necessary tasks in a single, streamlined platform complimented by Managed Services.


  • Fully Managed Services
  • Self-Serve Portal
  • Workflows and Approvals
  • Catalog Management
  • Zero Usage
  • Discrepancies Report
  • Monthly Analysis and Review


After implementing Cimpl, they started reaping the benefits of the platform and, from a managed servicesteam, oversee their account. The customer is now able to manage their technological responsibilities on a single platform offered by Cimpl. With various online guides and regular training webinars, the usage of the platform is fully optimized as it provides more instruction and understanding to using it. Orders are placed directly by the employees through a self-service module and trigger workflows and approval processes generating savings of a minimum 15 hours per month. Inventory is confirmed directly by the employees using the devices, which saves another 5 hours per month. Reports are generated directly in the Cimpl platform from the loaded invoice and are reviewed and analyzed by Cimpl’s team of experts regularly to provide optimization recommendations. With Cimpl’s team, regular audit of the invoices and optimization of the services, the customer has saved more than 18% of their annual spend over the span of one year only. Savings were generated from cancelling mobile lines that were being unused but still active, right-sizing top users, flagging charges that were not part of the contract and applying the correct plans to users. In the last year, our customer has reaped an ROI of 175%.

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